Polycab India unveils a new brand identity, "Ideas. Connected."

Polycab India unveils a new brand identity, "Ideas. Connected."

Unveiled a new logo, a renewed brand definition, and a TVC reflecting the new brand identity.


Mumbai: Polycab India, India’s largest wires and cables manufacturer and one of the fastest-growing FMEG companies unveiled its renewed brand identity and philosophy that reflects its future business roadmap. Polycab is undergoing a remarkable transformation under Project LEAP. While being renowned for its excellence in manufacturing wires and cables, Polycab continues to expand its horizons to offer a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions for modern living making it safe, convenient and sustainable.

The rebranding is not just a shift in visual identity or brand architecture, it is a guiding philosophy that underscores Polycab’s commitment to innovation, technology, safety and sustainability leading to its brand purpose of ‘Connecting all to a brighter future.’ This renewed brand ideology is going to be a significant step towards Polycab’s vision of becoming the foremost brand of choice for customers in the electrical solutions market. The brand refresh has been visualised and designed by Interbrand.

The new visual identity reflects the colours of dawn, symbolizing Polycab's commitment to reaching new heights, mirroring the rising sun, and encapsulates the vision of uniting all towards a brighter future by ingeniously incorporating the letter 'O,' a prominent sound in the Polycab name, into its innovative visual emblem. The three colours red, blue and purple signifies leadership in wires and cables, the connection with customers, through the FMEG category and its future readiness respectively. This representation aims to make the brand more modern, contemporary, and relatable to the customers whilst retaining the organisation’s core values.

In alignment with its brand vision of 'Bringing the power of innovations to help everyone connect to a brighter future,' Polycab has introduced a forward-looking brand line, signifying the evolution from the existing positioning of ‘Connection Zindagi Ka.' to ‘Ideas. Connected.’

During the event, while unveiling the new brand identity, Polycab India Ltd. chairman and managing director Inder Jaisinghani stated, “As we reflect on our remarkable journey, from the inception as a single electrical store to the leader in wires and cables manufacturing, we are filled with pride. We have always believed evolution is the key to staying relevant and hence continue to work towards offering futuristic solutions to our customers. We have grown by focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity, and now, this new brand identity reflects our core pillars.”

He further added, “Our refreshed brand tagline, 'Ideas. Connected.’, builds on a future where Innovative solutions, based on a thoughtful idea, simplifies lives, and in turn connects to a brighter future. We are dedicated to fostering a brighter future for all, one where every aspect of our lives is seamlessly connected, and our homes truly understand us. With unwavering determination, we look forward to redefining not just our brand but also the way we live.”

Additionally, the brand also launched a TVC to communicate to its audience the promise of a future - a home that understands the consumer’s needs and desires. “Ghar Jo Aapko Samjhe” lends an emotional connection with the brands' key target audience – people who take delight in making their homes more efficient, safe and futuristic. The film has been designed by the creative minds at Ogilvy.

In this captivating TVC, Polycab presents a heartwarming narrative that perfectly aligns with their new brand positioning - "Ideas.Connected." The story unfolds within a home where innovative electrical solutions seamlessly blend with everyday life. As the film commences, a couple shares a romantic moment, and intelligent lighting installations respond to their presence, setting the perfect ambiance for their friends' arrival. The lights adapt to the guests' vibe, illustrating the notion that your home should understand you as well as you understand it.

The next scene features a grandpa navigating his way through the dark room. Touching the walls activates them, providing him with a guiding light. This showcases the idea that even walls can have a heart, and they too can express warmth and care. Further, a ceiling fan transforms into an artistic marvel, adjusting its speed based on the occupants' comfort levels. The TVC emphasizes how your home's elements, like the roof, can respond to non-verbal cues, fostering a deeper connection.

The film then introduces a child, engrossed in reading, while a drone light follows his steps. This imagery signifies that even when you're alone, your home can provide companionship and support. Lastly, a playful sibling rivalry unfolds as a sister and brother adjust home settings to their liking. This amusing scenario illustrates how your home can understand and accommodate the preferences of each family member. This TVC beautifully encapsulates Polycab's brand transformation, showcasing how their innovative products connect ideas and people. With the tagline "Ideas. Connected." Polycab envisions a future where homes are intuitive, responsive, and deeply connected to the needs and desires of their inhabitants.

Polycab India executive president and chief marketing officer Nilesh Malani stated, "We are thrilled to unveil Polycab's brand refresh, which is more than just a change in appearance; it's a profound shift in our brand's essence and the way we connect with our customers. Our new brand positioning, 'Ideas. Connected.' reflects our commitment to innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday life. Our latest TVC, 'Ghar Jo Aapko Samjhe,' captures the heart of this transformation. It showcases how our electrical solutions make homes not just smarter but also more intuitive and empathetic. We believe that this campaign, along with our renewed marketing strategy, will leave a lasting impression and create strong brand recall among our audience, paving the way for a future where homes truly understand and respond to our needs."

Adding to this, Ogilvy India group president VR Rajesh said, “Polycab's new positioning is 'Ideas. Connected’. It is about having a culture of meaningful innovation that will be at the core of all their offerings. This requires rethinking and re-engineering the way they approach product development. To bring this thinking alive to our consumers we had to show them what this vision will fructify into in the future. A home that intuitively understands what you need and makes it a place truly built around your life.”