“At Overdrive, women lead the charge at every level of our operations”: Arushi Kalsi

“At Overdrive, women lead the charge at every level of our operations”: Arushi Kalsi

Kalsi weaves commitment to environmental consciousness and uplifting women.

Arushi Kalsi

Mumbai: Overdrive, a compelling brand nestled under the esteemed Metro & Metro group, is far beyond a footwear label – it's a fusion of elegance, sustainability, and a catalyst for women's empowerment. Founded in 2018 by Arushi Kalsi, Overdrive seamlessly weaves timeless fashion with a profound commitment to environmental consciousness and uplifting women.

Kalsi carries forward the Kalsi legacy with an entrepreneurial spirit that echoes the words of the renowned shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, "Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally." Her journey began at Mayo College Girls School, traversed through Delhi University, and further studies at Harvard, where she honed her business acumen. She refined her expertise in the field with esteemed brands like Peter Kaiser and Deichmann in Europe, solidifying her understanding of the industry.

Indiantelevision.com had the privilege of speaking with Overdrive Shoes founder Arushi Kalsi about her remarkable journey towards integrating sustainability into her brand ethos. During the conversation, she provided a comprehensive overview of her brand's commitment to environmental stewardship, women empowerment and lot more…

Edited excerpts

On integrating sustainability into your brand identity while maintaining a focus on elegant fashion

When crafting a brand, our mission is to offer footwear that not only aligns with contemporary trends but also provides unparalleled comfort and adheres to environmental imperatives. Our approach to sustainability is a meticulous balance of engineering and design. Our dedicated German engineers work tirelessly to ensure our shoes are eco-friendly, utilizing cutting-edge sustainable materials and processes. Meanwhile, our head Italian designer infuses each pair with timeless elegance and style, proving that eco-conscious fashion can be both beautiful and luxurious. This harmonious blend of innovation and artistry defines our brand, making sustainability synonymous with sophistication.

On Overdrive contributing to women's empowerment, both within its own operations and in the broader community

At Overdrive, women lead the charge at every level of our operations, from administration to the workforce. We believe that women's empathy and insight are crucial at all stages of management and production. By fostering a workplace where women thrive, we not only champion gender equality within our company but also inspire and support women's empowerment in the broader community.

On steps you have taken to ensure transparency in empowerment initiatives

To guarantee transparency in our empowerment initiatives, we've implemented several key steps. First, we regularly publish detailed reports on our progress and outcomes, which are accessible to all stakeholders. Second, we hold open forums and meetings where employees and community members can voice their opinions and offer feedback. Lastly, we collaborate with independent auditors to review and verify our practices, ensuring that our efforts are both genuine and effective. This multi-faceted approach ensures that our commitment to empowerment is clear, accountable, and continually improving.

On engaging with customers to foster a sense of shared purpose and commitment to its values

As a footwear brand, we engage with our customers to create a shared sense of purpose and commitment to our values in several meaningful ways. We start by actively communicating our sustainability and empowerment initiatives through our social media channels, newsletters, and online shopping experiences. Additionally, we provide transparency about our production processes and the positive impacts we make, fostering a deeper connection and trust. By creating a community where customers feel involved and informed, we cultivate a collective commitment to our brand’s values.

On the future plans you have in terms of expanding its impact on sustainability and women's empowerment

As a conscious footwear brand for men, our future plans to expand our impact on sustainability and women's empowerment are ambitious and forward-thinking. We aim to increase the use of eco-friendly materials and innovative, sustainable technologies in our production processes. Additionally, we plan to launch new initiatives that support women's empowerment, such as partnering with organizations dedicated to women's education and career advancement in the fashion industry. We also intend to expand our leadership programs within the company to ensure more women have opportunities to rise to key positions. By continuing to push the boundaries of sustainability and championing women's roles in our industry, we strive to make a lasting, positive impact.