"When you fulfill your promises, you build trust with your customers": Edyta Kurek

"When you fulfill your promises, you build trust with your customers": Edyta Kurek

The brand is focused on empowering the next generation by promoting financial freedom.

Edyta Kurek

Mumbai: Oriflame ushered in a new era under the leadership of its first female head in India, Edyta Kurek. The brand is focused on empowering the next generation by promoting both financial freedom and wellbeing.

Oriflame’s unique model empowers individuals through direct involvement, fostering micro-entrepreneurship. The brand equips its partners with the necessary skills and training to succeed, addressing social issues such as unemployment and income disparity.

At the brand’s event held at Jio Centre, Indiantelevision.com had the opportunity to speak with Oriflame's senior vice president and head of India & Indonesia Edyta Kurek. Kurek shared valuable insights into the brand's vision and more!

Edited excerpts

On Oriflame brand

For over sixty years, we've dedicated ourselves to developing our R&D facilities, ensuring that we truly understand our craft. Unlike others, we don't buy formulas, we create and rate our products within our own factories. We take great responsibility for every step of the process, from sourcing the first ingredient to the moment the product reaches the shelf. Even our packaging is developed internally. In today's world, quality is paramount because it builds customer trust. When you fulfill your promises, you build trust with your customers and they can witness the results. On this foundation that trust is established.

On Oriflame being unique and different than your competitors  

There are nearly three hundred thousand people here who can attest to our results. Half of them will stand up, which shows the trust we've built. Show me one brand that can demonstrate these results on a daily basis. This is how we gain our unique advantage—real testimonials from people who benefit from our products and the opportunity to earn money. They can show you their accounts and where the money comes from each month. I firmly believe that the performance and quality of our products are crucial because they educate our customers. While today's market is driven by discounts, this is just the beginning. The middle class is sure to gain growth in the future, and we need to be there to support them.

On influencers

In a world saturated with communication, everyone is trying to sell something. When I open my Instagram, I see that 50 per cent of the content is advertising, and that's when I realized I needed to do something for the people. The individuals you see at this event are our true influencers. The North East is our largest market, where we excel within the regional community. We provide them with opportunities to uplift themselves.

On integrating AI into your platform

Imagine we have four hundred and fifty products and change our merchandising every month. Forecasting inventory each month is very challenging because one month a product might be sold at a 10 per cent discount, the next month without a discount, and the third month at a 30 per cent discount. To manage this, we rely heavily on AI to help forecast our processes and for marketing purposes. We also provide our web partners with business apps that display their business status, complete with data. Additionally, we've launched an app that simplifies social media presence by helping users create posts, which aids in training our team members and keeping them updated with the latest knowledge, all for free.