Instagram glitch sparks viral #TheGiraffeTrend

Instagram glitch sparks viral #TheGiraffeTrend

#TheGiraffeTrend has inspired brands like Swiggy, Zeiss Vision India Kurl On etc.


Mumbai: Recently, Instagram was facing a glitch and brands did not leave a moment to capture on it! It all began with a creative spark from Animal Planet India, and before we knew it, the internet was buzzing with excitement. #TheGiraffeTrend as it is now known has inspired brands like Swiggy, Zeiss Vision India Kurl On, Chola MS, Vadilal Ice Creams to join the brandwagon.

Animal Planet India was one of the pioneers in initiating the pinch & zoom format, paving the way for what would soon become a widespread trend across platforms. One can do the same from thier pinned post -

Below is also the list of several brands which can be seen here:

Animal Planet India -


Discovery Plus India -


Discovery Channel India -


Chola MS -


Udaya TV -


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Chennai FC Football Club -


Kuwy Technology -


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Kurl On -


Sun Music - 


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Zeiss Vision India -


TLC India -


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Chutneyfy -


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Turtle -


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MagicK Home India - 


Vadilal Ice Creams -


Applause Entertainment -


Mario Foods -


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Devil's Circuit -


Malabar Developers -


Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL -


Bespoke London -