Create campaigns to increase engagement and attract customers:Disney+ Hotstar's EVP & CMO S Shakdher

Create campaigns to increase engagement and attract customers:Disney+ Hotstar's EVP & CMO S Shakdher

He spoke about Disney+ Hotstar's aim to engage customers as well as attract them to advertisements


Mumbai: In today’s world, creating the best marketing campaign means the company not only aims to attract consumers towards ads but engage them too, expressed Disney+ Hotstar executive VP and CMO Sidharth Shakdher. He was speaking at The Advertising Club’s third edition of D-CODE, held in Mumbai recently.

He discussed the effectiveness of funnel marketing for Disney+ Hotstar, which led to the conversion of 95 million engaged viewers from an overall spike of 140 million viewers. In 2019, the viewership increased to 112 million.

Shakdher further explained that in funnel marketing, a potential consumer goes from becoming aware of your brand to purchasing the goods or services.

"While building a funnel, two things were important to us: to have a better experience and to maximise the spike. We wanted to reverse the narrative that digital drives people," he said. "We created this funnel as there was a spike happening and the challenge was to convert them into engaged consumers."

“And every time a person got converted, they would negate, and then iterate the recommendations again and show him another set of recommendations so that he could convert from spiked to engaged,” he added.

Sidharth further advised that in all marketing campaigns, advertisers have to be able to pivot the right objectives, so, if they're looking at a conversion-based campaign then it is requisite that advertisers have an action-based campaign in place.

"Your conversion could be a purchase, but your action could be an add to cart, reading a product retail page, or anything. Always know what works best for you in terms of conversion is concern," he added further.

Mentioning about the creative ads on Disney+ Hotstar, he highlighted the local superheroes advertisements that have Indian middle-class power. The professional campaign titled "Superheroes" was published in India in October 2020. Disney + Hotstar had built the creative where "superheroes" were shown as common people, and they were using superpowers to stop their friends from going out and watching a match with them. An interesting campaign indeed!

He discussed further on 'moment marketing'- a strategy for advertising that concentrates on reaching potential customers and where an advertiser takes advantage of ongoing events by delivering relevant and relatable content. Disney+ Hotstar reaped potential benefits matching it up during the IPL matches- an important cricket event. The broadcaster picked those moments on the controllable prioritisation matrix. The broadcaster prioritized its promotional technique based on trending things happening during the event and used social media to create connections and marketing opportunities.

Shakdher mentioned that Disney+ Hotstar has built a prioritisation matrix and established 15 rules, which led to the incorporation of 15,000 dynamic creatives. In order to produce effective results, dynamic creatives optimise a variety of ad components (such as pictures, videos, titles, descriptions, and CTAs).

There are instances, where a batsman is nearing a half-century of run, the other was a batsman's strike rate went up above 150 percent , and there were two wickets falling in a row. In all the cases, ads used to appear automatically & matched with the situation when wickets were down, or batsmen were playing well & hitting sixes, which led consumers to click & engage with ads while watching matches.

"We were able to serve up in real-time while the match was going on," claimed Sidharth. "That led to a 200 per cent improvement in cost per click (CPC), and we were able to reach 80 million viewers."

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO), a real-time display advertising technology, was used by Disney+ Hotstar to personalise ads based on viewer information at the time of ad serving. Every time something similar occurs in a match, it appears on visual display, in static campaigns, performance marketing campaigns, or programmatic campaigns.

"Always have practical objectives for the campaign. If your message is that a particular product serves a particular need, then we also have sub-segments like pricing, convenience, etc., so run these smaller campaigns within the larger campaign and find out the segments that gave the best result," he concluded.