Benchmark Broadcast partners with Adobe to upgrade video & audio services

Benchmark Broadcast partners with Adobe to upgrade video & audio services

Partnership looks at 3 areas: support, workflow & system design, and software integration.


Mumbai: In the last few years, the media and entertainment industry has taken a giant leap, thanks to the digital transformation that it has witnessed. The industry leaders now increasingly recognise technology’s strategic significance and do not see it merely as a tool for operational efficiency.

On the other end of the spectrum, consumers are keen to explore new experiences, including audio and video content. Their consumption avenues are not limited to TV, but also cover OTT platforms, web, social media, and native apps. For media and broadcasting companies, the evolution is a lifetime opportunity, and it requires them to use agile and effective ways to create a niche for themselves.

Setting ‘Benchmark’ since 2006

Established in 2006 in Singapore, Benchmark Broadcast Systems is a consultant and technology partner for media and broadcast companies in Asia. The company has over 50 in-house engineers and more than 500 years of cumulative experience in the broadcast industry to empower broadcast and media clients. The team works for end-to-end systems integration, project roadmaps, site support and maintenance, and personnel training.

From assessing requirements to designing systems, procurement, installation, and maintenance, Benchmark provides all services to its clients, which includes several broadcasters in the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia - CNBC, Mediacorp, Aljazeera, Nepal TV, and MyTV among many others.

For the uninitiated, production companies work with multiple vendors who provide a complex array of equipment and software — from the network, storage, and compute infrastructure to editing software, ingest systems, and media asset management. Often, these companies struggle to put all of these complex pieces together and follow a streamlined workflow. As a systems integrator, Benchmark works with each client to identify and implement a customized solution to address their specific problem.

The pandemic has not only catalysed the demand for digital content but also changed the production environments significantly. At this juncture, Benchmark set out to look for new-age solutions which help its clients respond to the changed environment and maintain their competitive edge.

Adobe joins the saga

Being a leader in creating digital experiences, Adobe’s solutions create environments that help media companies achieve their goals.

In September 2020, the company introduced the Adobe Certified Service Partners for Video and Audio program. The program helps systems integrators gain the high-level knowledge and confidence needed to deliver their services in three strategic areas: support, workflow and system design, and in software integration. Systems integrators that meet proficiency requirements in all three areas become Adobe Certified Service Partners for Video and Audio. The program supports partners in several ways. Through training, engineers become proficient in each service areas, giving systems integrators a clear path to gaining skills that will enable them to compete in the industry and better serve their clients. They can also leverage the certification as a unique selling point to offer professional services to their clients.

Benchmark Broadcast’s relationship with Adobe is not a recent one. The company has been successfully creating workflows for its clients by using Adobe Premiere Pro. Therefore, the leadership at Benchmark was excited to have their engineers be a part of the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program.

The program modules offer structured lessons about best practices on building the right workflows throughout the production journey. This enables Benchmark’s engineers to be more efficient in managing timelines yet develop a deeper understanding of systems integration, as they aim to improve the Adobe ecosystem for clients.

Amid the demand for complex remote production environments, production houses need trusted partners to help them with effective integration and the desired production workflow.

By joining the Adobe Certified Service Partners for Video and Audio program, Benchmark attempts to enhance the customer’s trust. For a relatively small team at Benchmark, the certification becomes a testimony of its experience with the Adobe ecosystem and the ability to get the work done.

By becoming an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio, Benchmark Broadcast Systems is pushing the envelope in helping media and broadcast companies adapt to new consumer demands.