Tata Sky to allow different channels on additional set top box

Tata Sky to allow different channels on additional set top box

The plan will be live from 15 June

Tata Sky

MUMBAI: Tata Sky is adding a new dimension to its multi-TV policy. By next month, Tata Sky customers will have the freedom to choose their own channels for different set top boxes (STBs). This could be the same channels on all TVs or different channels on different STBs. The plan is expected to go live by 15 June.

Until now, the policy allowed users to register a primary connection and select channels and the same channels would be made available on the other STBs. This is a big change because the old policy did not account for differences in viewing patterns of different family members.

The new plan also means that people won’t have to pay the same charge for both TV sets and can customise their plans as per new laws – a-la-carte or bouquets. Therefore, each STB will have its own pricing. However, the only change is that now subscribers will have to pay both NCF and pack charges on every STB they own while earlier the NCF was paid just once.

The introduction of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) new tariff regime had pushed DTH operators to come up with competitive plans in order to woo customers.