A child's innocent attempts to find a companion for his mother!

A child's innocent attempts to find a companion for his mother!

Premiering at 7:30 PM on 29 April on Zee TV

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Mumbai: Ever seen a little child in search of a match for his mother? Not because he misses a father figure but because he doesn’t want to see his mother go through life all alone, managing everything single-handedly? Zee TV, the channel that has been at the forefront of presenting thought-provoking and heartwarming tales to viewers for over three decades, is all set to tug at the heartstrings of its audiences with its latest fiction offering – Main Hoon Saath Tere. The narrative follows the journey of a single mother Janvi, underlining the countless challenges that she must go through while doubling up as a parent. Based in Gwalior, the show takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Janvi tries to keep the nucleus of her world - her son Kian, happy at all times. Although Kian doesn’t miss a father figure, he still feels the void of a man in his mother’s life, especially since he sees her taking care of everything single-handedly. The plot thickens when Janvi crosses paths with an affluent businessman Aryaman and the two end up working under the same roof. As Aryaman expresses interest in Janvi, will Kian approve of the match and play a role in bringing his single mother closer to the man who loves her …? Find out as Main Hoon Saath Tere,  produced by Full House Media,  premieres on 29 April and airs every day at 7.30 PM on Zee TV.

Viewers of Main Hoon Saath Tere will find themselves rooting for Kian to approve of Aryaman as the perfect partner for his mother Janvi. Despite being deprived of his father’s love all through his childhood, he develops a beautiful bond with young Kian and Janvi. And it will be interesting to see if Kian becomes the catalyst for this love story to unfold. Stay tuned as an innocent take on love, life, and relationships is all set to unfold on Zee TV!

While Janvi and Kian will be played by the talented Ulka Gupta and the adorable Nihan Jain respectively, Aryaman will be played by none other than the television heartthrob- Karan Vohra. The show’s promo got massive traction on social media, and after managing to generate a lot of intrigue, Main Hoon Saath Tere was unveiled in front of the media at a mega launch event in Mumbai where Kian threw challenges at Aryaman to test whether he’s the right partner for his mother.

Full House Media Pvt Ltd producer Sonali Jaffar, said, “It is not every day that you see a child in search of a companion for his mother, so in that sense, our concept is truly differentiated. Main Hoon Saath Tere is not only a family drama, but also an innocent take on love, life and relationships from the lens of a single mother Janvi and her child, Kian who truly cares about his mother and her happiness. It’s the child that will decide the fate of this love story. It is a heartwarming tale that touches upon tender emotions and will hopefully touch a chord with our viewers.”

Karan Vohra said, "With a character like Aryaman, my belief that in a domain that is known to be women-centric, there can still be interesting roles for men to play.    I believe that my character as well as this touching storyline will surely connect with the audience. I am really excited to portray a father figure to Kian on-screen, as I believe through this, I am preparing myself to be a better father to my twin boys when they are of his age. These delicate relationships are the core pillars of our story and will hopefully find their way into the hearts of our audience.”

Ulka Gupta said, “I am very excited about this new journey, but I am a bit nervous too. When I was offered this character, I knew it was meant for me as we are quite similar in terms of loving our families, following our passions, and juggling different roles as a woman. It is interesting that I am getting to play a mother so early on in my career. My mother has been my source of inspiration while playing Janvi. It is a very big responsibility to play a single mother on Indian television and I hope Janvi’s simplicity, warmth and never-say-die attitude in the face of adversity will inspire viewers.”

Stay tuned to Main Hoon Saath Tere, starting 29th April, every day at 7.30 PM, only on Zee TV!