Inside NSG: Honours 26/11 heroes on National Geographic India

Inside NSG: Honours 26/11 heroes on National Geographic India

Inside NSG will premiere on National Geographic in India at 8 PM on 26 November

Inside NSG

Mumbai: As India solemnly commemorates the 15 anniversary of the horrific 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, it stands as an unwavering symbol of strength and resilience. Remembering the great sacrifice of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and other martyrs of NSG, National Geographic India proudly unveils its upcoming documentary 'Inside NSG,' a testament to the gallant hard work, resilience, and professional commitment of the NSG commandos. Premiering on 26 November at 8 pm, Inside NSG a 44-minute documentary, is a never-seen-before glimpse into the elite anti-terror force of India. Filmed with multiple cameras on the ground and air, Inside NSG is a look behind the scenes at the NSG, as a world-class zero-error force.

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The overarching story is of the efficiency of the many different competencies of the NSG. From the counter-terror, and counter-hijack operations; to the close protection force; and the state-of-the-art bomb detection and disposal squad and the National Bomb Data Center.

At another level, Inside NSG follows the story of a young officer who aspires to become a Black Cat Commando of the National Security Guard. The film follows his journey as he tries to clear the three-month commando conversion course followed by the six-week unit induction course. The filming is raw, visceral, and inspiring, leaving the viewer amazed at the strength and endurance required of an NSG commando.

At every level, Inside NSG shows the patriotism and bravery of a force like this one. A legacy forged with sacrifice and blood while protecting India. Besides the 26/11 attacks, the film provides a brief glimpse into previous operations such as the Pathankot and Akshardham Temple incidents, highlighting the crucial role played by the NSG in upholding national security.

“At NSG, we stand firm against terrorists who threaten the integrity of our nation. Through intense training, we forge ourselves to confront any adversity and execute counter-terrorism missions. We are glad to have a credible brand like National Geographic depict our efforts, as they capture the very essence and emotion of Sarvatra, Sarvottam, Suraksha which is NSG's motto. Their bold, powerful, and thought-provoking style of storytelling unveils the true essence of being an NSG commando” said NSG director general.

“At National Geographic, we harness the transformative power of storytelling and exploration to tell stories that can change the way we see the world. 'Inside NSG' is a part of our commitment to bring forward the best stories about our elite forces and provide our audience with a deeper understanding of the remarkable journey of the 'black cats.' We are honored that the NSG selected our channel to present this inspiring film to our viewers. Their valour echoes in every frame, imprinting upon us the sheer spirit of sacrifice and unwavering dedication.” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

Inside NSG will premiere on National Geographic in India at 8 PM on 26 November 2023.