Two Legends League Cricket franchisees acquired by billion dollar Indian businesses

Two Legends League Cricket franchisees acquired by billion dollar Indian businesses

The LLP is to be played across five cities in India from 18 November to 9 December 2023.

Legends League Cricket

Mumbai: Legends League Cricket (LLC) has unveiled two new franchises for its highly anticipated upcoming season, which is to be played across five cities in India from 18 November to 9 December 2023.

The first franchisee announced by Legends League Cricket is Urbanrisers Hyderabad, owned by the prestigious Urbanrise Group in collaboration with JC Pavan Reddy, who serves as the managing director of Trident Power Pvt Ltd. The consortium has a staggering valuation exceeding $7 Billion and signifies a powerful synergy between sports and corporate excellence.

The Urbanrise/Alliance Group, South India's largest real estate developer has taken this strategic move as a part of their broader diversification efforts, which include ventures into battery minerals mining, AI, and age reversal technologies. Notably, their mining subsidiary, "First Lithium," was recently listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the organisation is financially supported by leading global financial institutions. JC Pavan Reddy has been dedicated to the development of sports at the grassroots level and his experience as the President for the Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association will provide the Urbanrisers Hyderabad team some valuable insights.

The second franchisee announced by Legends League Cricket for the upcoming season is the Southern Super Stars. A consortium, with combined net worth that exceeds $2 billion, of cricket enthusiasts, with diverse backgrounds spanning industries such as manufacturing, IT, energy, real estate, hospitality, and media, has taken ownership of the franchise.

KLO Sports, co-founded by Sanjay Jupudi and Srinadh Chitoori, manages this venture. Along with them Ranjeeth Rathod and Gautam Reddy will play an integral part in venture and help steer the Southern Super Stars towards success with their vision and expertise. Sanjay Jupudi, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, established the US-based IT company Qentelli, serving renowned Fortune 500 clients. Srinadh Chitoori, a third-generation businessman from Vizag, has a diverse business portfolio encompassing automobiles, construction, and real estate. Ranjeeth Rathod, another entrepreneur with vast experience in real estate, hospitality, and investments, adds astute management skills to the group. Gautam Reddy, a Chennai based first generation entrepreneur in the clean energy business who has taken on other entrepreneurship venture in various industries like chemicals, textiles, real estate, F&B etc will enhance the team’s managerial strength.

On acquiring the Urbanrisers Hyderabad team, Urbanrise and Alliance Group chairman & MD Manoj Namburu said, “As India’s Amritkal has arrived, Indians are showing keen interest in sports –Indian contingent winning 107 medals at the recently concluded Asian games is an excellent testament for growing enthusiasm and investments into sports in India. Cricket is akin to religion in India and people are passionate about the game. The Legends League Cricket franchise is a great platform for our foray into the world of Sports, the stars playing in the league are the best from the world of Cricket. We are extremely happy being part of Legends League Cricket and believe that this would a great addition to our business portfolio.”

KLO Sports co-founder Sanjay Jupudi commented on the acquisition of the Southern Super Stars, “We are fortunate to have this opportunity to be able to cheer legendary cricketers who have been icons. We are pleased to be part of the opportunity and it is now our endeavour to continue providing cricket fans in India and the world our much-loved cricketers in an exciting format that fans will enjoy and cherish. It all comes together under the legends league cricket with exciting and fierce competition.”

Legends League Cricket founder & chairman Vivek Khushalani said, "As we welcome these two powerhouses of the Indian Industry into the Legends League Cricket family, I'm filled with joy. Their participation in the upcoming season adds to the richness of our league, and I can confidently say that we will create value for all stakeholders. Their commitment to the sport is in sync with our vision to establish LLC in the masters space, and we are looking forward to a great association with them."

Legends League Cricket co-founder & CEO Raman Raheja said, “We started Legends League Cricket on a promise to entertain the audience with exciting matches featuring their favourite legends. We have given our fans an opportunity to re-live those moments on the field. After the success of Franchise season 1, LLC has now signed two big corporate houses as our franchises; and we look forward to creating value for all the franchise and build a very strong business case with LLC.”

With the addition of these two new franchise partners, Legends League Cricket has diversified its franchisee portfolio. The defending champions, India Capitals is owned by GMR Sports, which also co-owns the IPL team Delhi Capitals. The Gujarat Giants team is owned by Adani Sportline, which also owns the Gujarat Giants team in the Women's Premier League (WPL) and Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Bhilwara Kings is owned by The LNJ Bhilwara Group, and Manipal Tigers is owned by Manipal Education and Medical Group.

Following the resounding success of its inaugural season, the second edition of Legends League Cricket promises even more excitement than the last season. With a total number of 19 thrilling matches on the cards, fans can eagerly anticipate a cricketing spectacle like no other. The franchisee season with a pool of more than 200 players, will be played across five cities in India – Ranchi, Dehradun, Jammu, Vizag, and Surat.