LALIGA and Turespaña unveil transformative initiative for Indian football enthusiasts

LALIGA and Turespaña unveil transformative initiative for Indian football enthusiasts

Indian fans will have the opportunity to dive into the heart of Spain's rich culture.


Mumbai: In an exciting announcement at the "Exploring destination delights and the magic of football in Spain” event, LALIGA, in collaboration with Tourism Office of Spanish Embassy (Turespaña) and Instituto Cervantes, revealed a visionary initiative aimed at transcending boundaries, using football as a conduit for cultural and human connection between Spain and India. With a focus on enhancing regional ties, the alliance endeavors to bring Indian fans closer to the richness of Spanish culture. Through innovative tools fostering tourism connections, breaking down language barriers, and providing immersive football experiences, Indian fans have the scope to embrace "Spain" as a distinctive and unparalleled brand.

With an unwavering commitment to harness the allure of the beautiful game for its transformative impact, LALIGA stands resolute in its ongoing endeavors in India. Aligned with a visionary mission to offer collaborative growth opportunities across stakeholders in the football ecosystem, LALIGA seeks to utilise "The Power of our Fútbol", to drive change beyond the realm of sports. Acting as a catalyst for meaningful connections, LALIGA hope to yield far-reaching implications across football, business, social, and cultural spheres.

On the other hand, The Tourism Office of Spain (Turespaña), Mumbai continues to work as the principal tourism body to spearhead promotion of Spain as a tourism destination in India. A destination that provides a unique opportunity to the international travel to experience a variety of activities in one single trip – whether its art & culture, gastronomy, luxury or sport, among others, Spain indeed remains one of the preferred European destinations for the Indian traveler.

With Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish government’s mission is to promote the teaching of the Spanish language and Spain's co-official languages. It also aims to foster knowledge of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

Speaking at the presentation, Turespaña director Elisa Robles said, “Turespaña is thrilled to embark on this fantastic initiative alongside LALIGA and Instituto Cervantes. Our collaboration aims to create a bridge between Spain and India, using the universal language of football to foster cultural understanding. This alliance not only enriches the experience for Indian football fans, but also opens doors to explore the vibrant tapestry of Spanish culture, ultimately allowing the Indian travelers to truly explore and experience the beautiful destination that is Spain.”

Instituto Cervantes director Òscar Pujol in Delhi said, “Football with its universal appeal, provides a unique platform to cultivate connections. Along with the Spanish - Hindi & Bengali dictionary, we are delighted to play our part once again in these sustained efforts aimed to enhance regional ties through the breaking of language barriers and fostering of relationships through football.”

LALIGA Global Network Delegate in India Aakriti Vohra added, “LALIGA is not just a league; it's a cultural bridge, and we are excited to once again showcase 'The Power of our Fútbol' as a catalyst for positive change and meaningful connections in the Indian subcontinent. As an addition to the Spanish - Hindi & Bengali dictionary, It is a moment of great pride to announce this transformative collaboration with Turespaña and Instituto Cervantes and bring Indian fans ever closer to the vibrant spirit of Spanish culture.”