Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evan Shares Views On Their Teammates

Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evan Shares Views On Their Teammates

Jason Roy

In a recent interview, Jason Roy, Reece Topley, and Laurie Evans dish the dirt on their England colleagues.

When asked, "who has helped you most in your game?"

Hashim Amla, a former South African batsman, was named by Laurie Evans. He went on to say that the South African brought a sense of tranquility to the team's locker room.

Meanwhile, Jason Roy said that “he had complete mental support from his squad”. Kumar Sangakkara, Kevin Pietersen, Hashim Amla, Ricky Ponting, and Graeme Smith were among the cricket superstars he listed as having played for Surrey.

If your life depended on catching a fish, who would you give the catch to?

It didn't take long for Jason Roy to identify his English colleague Chris Jordan. Jason Roy was then told by Laurie Evans that he, too, is a competent fielder. And humble Jason said that all he did was take a catch and perform his job.

Next, they wanted to know, "Who does the Bleep Test the best?"

When it comes to this, Arun Harinath was the one who Jason Roy identified. He continued by saying that he was incredible. He said, "Joe root as well may run for absolute days."

Which player usually leaves the pitch last?

Even quicker than that, Laurie Evans identified Ben Foakes, the English wicketkeeper-batsman. Likewise, Reece Topley added, "Foaksey one hundred per cent. He often returns for a second or third blow. As the last player to emerge from the nets, Topley also singled out Ollie Pope. The squad has to wait for Ben Foakes and Ollie Pope to finish up whenever they are on the road, he said.

Who are the best footballers in the team?

I'm a horrible player and a terrible mover, Jason Roy interjected before Laurie Evans could finish his sentence. Following Roy's declaration, Reece Topley agreed that Ben Foakes was the finest player by noting that Foakes had the left foot of Robin Van Persie.

Who has the craziest outfit?

They all rock their clothes, and there's a wide range to choose from, as all three participants attested. However, Laurie Evans then clarified that Reece also wants to join the list. Laurie Evans said that Reece Topley dislikes spending money and cited Ben Foakes. Jason Roy further, says that Ben Foakes irritates him because of his nice looks and the fact that he often chooses to play in equipment that does not complement his physique.

Who is the most untidy roommate? was the last question made!

When asked about his experience living with Ollie Pope, Jason Roy said it was challenging to share a room with him. And he called him a "messy dog," he said. The English wicketkeeper-batsman Sam Billings is one of the messiest persons Laurie Evans knows, he said.