Capri global launches Capri Sports

Capri global launches Capri Sports

Capri Global strengthens its commitment to innovate and empower in sports ecosystem.

Capri Sports

Mumbai: In what is a bold leap into the future of Indian sports, Capri global proudly introduces Capri Sports, a transformative venture that transcends boundaries and champions the ethos of accessibility, equality, and sustained growth within the dynamic realm of sports.

Capri global, a stalwart advocate for inclusivity, has elevated its commitment to shaping a sporting ecosystem that thrives on the principles of innovation and empowerment. The launch of Capri Sports marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey, symbolising a resolute shift towards providing equitable opportunities for athletes and sports enthusiasts across India. Furthermore, through its core values of trust, ingenuity, collaboration and inclusion, Capri Sports is aiming to become the biggest game changers in the sporting ecosystem, such that the immense potential in the system can be unlocked.  

The foundation of Capri Sports was laid with strategic investments in the Bengal Warriors franchise of the Pro Kabaddi League, followed by the creation of the Rajasthan Warriors in the Ultimate Kho Kho league, the UP Warriors in the Women's Premier League, and the international venture with the Sharjah Warriors in the ILT20 in the UAE. Together, these entities build the platform for Capri Sports, which is united by a common Warriors identity and mentality that epitomises collective strength, resilience, and an unwavering spirit. Emphasising the warrior spirit across the teams is the newly launched identity and logo, which also helps strengthen the connect with local fans.  

“Capri Sports embodies the warrior spirit-where effort is relentless, respecting every opponent, finding strength in unity, facing challenges head-on, and inspiring generations with unwavering courage. Our Warrior spirit will be the driving force, championing indigenous sports deeply rooted in Indian culture and advocating for women's participation in sports. Through our venture, we aim to provide essential resources, open doors, and empower Indian athletes and sports to thrive,” said Capri Sports director Jinisha Sharma.  

Beyond the traditional realms of sports, Capri Sports is poised to delve into unique areas, including exploring the impact of climate change on sports. Additionally, the company is set to conduct regular benchmarking studies and intelligence reports, contributing to the industry's sustainable and systematic growth in India.

Capri Sports believes in the potential of sports to shape character, instill discipline, and cultivate leadership skills from a young age. Through Beyond the Scorecard, Capri Sports is set to launch targeted programs that go beyond the conventional metrics of success, focusing on the holistic development of the youth. Beyond the Scorecard’s initiative will include comprehensive sports programs, mentorship opportunities, and infrastructure development, creating an ecosystem where young athletes can thrive.  

By engaging with sports at the grassroots, Capri Sports aspires to create a legacy of community engagement, empowerment, and inclusivity. The launch of Capri Sports and the Beyond the Scorecard initiative heralds a new era where sports isn't just a game; it's a journey of growth, a community-building force, and a pathway to unlock the full potential of every aspiring athlete, ensuring that no talent goes unnoticed or untapped.