Astral Foundation releases short film ‘Seed Mother’ to celebrate farmer’s day

Astral Foundation releases short film ‘Seed Mother’ to celebrate farmer’s day

The film depicts the extraordinary journey of Padma Shree Awardee Rahibai Soma Popere.


Mumbai: On the occasion of Farmer's Day, Astral Ltd.'s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, the Astral Foundation, released a short film. The film is based on the numerous contributions of Padma Shree Award winner Rahibai from the Ahmednagar region of Maharashtra.

The film celebrates Rahibai’s dedication for agrobiodiversity, the preservation and conservation of natural seeds, and spreading awareness about organic farming.

Hailing from Kombhalne, Rahibai learned about the side effects of hybrid seeds and crops at an early age despite not receiving any formal education. Thus, she started growing crops with only natural seeds and proceeded to preserve natural seeds for further cultivation. While her family and peers found her practises strange and pointless, her undying belief in her convictions led her to achieve several milestones for the benefit of her fellow villagers.

Furthermore, her dedication and efforts led her to emerge as an expert in natural seeds and their preservation, leading to her founding the Seed Bank of India, which is responsible for collecting indigenous seeds from all over the country. She was duly recognised for her contributions to the field of organic farming by the government.

Inspired by her lifelong dedication to her craft, Astral Foundation has contributed to her endeavours by setting up a water supply system so that there is water availability in summer months and, hence, her seed cultivation does not get affected.

"We are honoured to be associated with the respected Rahibai, and we appreciate her cause and philosophy toward organic farming and the preservation of natural seeds," said Astral Ltd. VP of business development Kairav Engineer. "We think we should contribute towards such greater good for the farming sector which eventually will benefit everyone at the end of the day."

"Our short film is a tribute to an inspirational woman who has taught us to overcome numerous obstacles and social barriers to achieve goals that could potentially benefit millions. Being a socially responsible corporate, we strive to wholeheartedly support noble causes such as Rahibai’s efforts towards organic farming and spreading awareness for the same," he further added.