Zee Business' 'अक्षय है तेजी?' show to educate people about safe investment options

Zee Business' 'अक्षय है तेजी?' show to educate people about safe investment options

Akshaya Tritiya is a highly auspicious and sacred day.

Mumbai: As per an age-old Hindu tradition, people believe that buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya is an invitation to prosperity, good luck and riches. Taking into consideration the relevance of this day, Zee Business will be airing a special show ‘'अक्षय' है तेजी?’ scheduled to go on air on 21 April 2023 at 4 pm.

Zee Business’ special show ‘'अक्षय' है तेजी?’ will include insightful discussions among dignitaries like Ghazal Jain (fund manager, Quantum AMC), Surendra Mehta (secretary, IBJA), Kumar Jain (chairman, Umedhmal Tilokchand), Harshal Barot (senior consultant, South Asia, Metals Focus), Saiyam Mehra (chairman, GJC) and Ajay Kedia (Kedia Commodity) on the importance of investing in gold, drawbacks, risks involved, portfolio diversification etc. This panel discussion will closely be monitored by Zee Business commodity editor Mrituenjay Kumar Jha.

Gold is considered to be a safe and stable investment option in India. However, storing physical gold can be expensive and cumbersome, as there could be higher chances of theft or loss. 'अक्षय' है तेजी?’ looks forward to driving the attention of citizens, on highlighting why they should carefully consider their financial goals and tolerance before investing in gold on Akshaya Tritiya or any other time. Besides gold, citizens can also consider other investment options and diversify their portfolios to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Speaking on the conceptualisation of 'अक्षय' है तेजी?’ Zee Business managing editor Anil Singhvi said, “Akshaya Tritiya is considered ideal for initiating investments and purchases of valuable assets like gold and property. However, the focus of the majority of Indian households has been on heavy investments in gold, without realizing the relevance of diversifying investments. We, at Zee Business, believe in responsible journalism and presenting factual information. Hence, was born the idea of rolling out the special show ‘'अक्षय' है तेजी?’ to guide investors across the country.”

“We believe, our comprehensive content offering under 'अक्षय' है तेजी?’ will offer a compelling platform for our partners to connect with the consumers although the mood in the bullion market is sombre,” added Zee Business & WION chief business officer Madhu Soman.