News18 Indian Languages dominate digital space, beat competition

News18 Indian Languages dominate digital space, beat competition

The latest Comscore data shows News18 Indian Languages cluster as the top digital news platform


Mumbai: According to the latest Comscore data, the News18 Indian Languages cluster has beaten all its competitors to become the number one digital news platform for Indian languages in the country.

With an impressive 69.6 million Unique Visitors (UVs), News18 Indian Languages outperformed all competition.

News18 Indian Languages cluster consists of Hindi as well as regional languages. (News18 India, News18 Rajasthan, News18 MP/Chhattisgarh, News18 Bihar Jharkhand, News18 UP/Uttarakhand, News18 Punjab/ Haryana, News18 Bangla, News18 Gujarati, News18 Kannada, News18 Tamil Nadu, News18 Telugu, News18 Odia, News18 Assam/NE, News18 Lokmat, News18 Kerala and News18 Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Himachal)

Commenting on the achievement, News18 Network CEO – Indian Languages Mitul Sangani said, "News18's leadership in Indian languages is a reflection of continuous focus on hyper-local content and personalisation of content basis the needs of language users. News18, with coverage in 13 languages, provides the most extensive coverage in Indian languages and will work towards the expansion of the language news ecosystem."

News18 Indian Languages' impactful performance is attributed to its in-depth coverage leading up to the Lok Sabha polls. The platform comprehensively covers key election issues and news stories from diverse perspectives in all major languages across the country, reaching audiences nationwide. The wide audience appeal achieved through News18’s unmatched journalism has not only captured advertisers' interest but also instilled trust in them.

News18 Network is an undisputed leader in terms of viewership both on TV and digital platforms. The group garnered the undivided attention of viewers in every segment, emerging as the go-to source for news across languages.