India TV delivers 25 million Ad Impressions on its CTV stream on Assembly Poll Counting Day

India TV delivers 25 million Ad Impressions on its CTV stream on Assembly Poll Counting Day

The CTV stream also witnessed 2.4X growth in viewership on 3 December.

Ritu Dhawan

Mumbai: Elections serve as the foundation of a democratic society, providing avenues for citizens to choose their representatives and actively participate in the decision-making process. The media plays a crucial role in these endeavours. Responsible, accurate, and timely reporting by the media helps shape public opinion and fosters an informed electorate during elections.

During the recently concluded five state assembly polls, India TV empowered voters by delivering real-time updates and facilitating a transparent exchange of ideas through comprehensive coverage, analysis, and reporting. India TV, the only news network with exclusive CTV news channels in the country, also delivered an astounding 25 million advertisement impressions on its CTV stream on the counting day. Additionally, the stream registered an average engagement time per user of 44 minutes and 32 seconds and experienced a 2.4X growth in unique viewership.

Sharing her thoughts on this milestone, Ritu Dhawan, Managing Director, and CEO of India TV, stated, 'The growth of CTVs in the country has revolutionized advertising. CTV penetration in the NCCS A market and high viewer time spent are key parameters for CTV advertising growth. The 25 million advertisement impressions delivered by India TV on the counting day showcase a significant advancement in the advertising landscape, indicating a spike in the demand for CTV platforms. Considering the anticipated growth of the CTV market in the coming year, we expect the numbers to reach new heights in the near future.'

On the day, the results of the state assembly polls were announced—a crucial event in recent times—India TV Digital witnessed substantial growth across its digital platforms. On December 3rd, content consumption reached an all-time high, surpassing multiple benchmarks. India TV’s digital platforms garnered 20.2 million gross viewership. On India TV Live streams, the watch minutes surpassed the 51 million milestone across digital platforms.