CNN-News18 launches new weekend show ‘Crux of the Matter’ with Rahul Shivshankar

CNN-News18 launches new weekend show ‘Crux of the Matter’ with Rahul Shivshankar

The show consists of two equally timed segments, each addressing different topics.

Crux of the Matter

Mumbai: CNN-News18, India's leading English news channel, has launched 'Crux of the Matter,' a trailblazing weekend show anchored by consulting editor Rahul Shivshankar, airing every Saturday at 7 pm.

In the endless cycle of 24x7 news television, critical questions like "Why," "How," and "What Next" often go unaddressed. Viewers seeking meaningful context are increasingly turning away from traditional platforms, relying on non-legacy media entities such as YouTubers. However, these sources often lack the intellectual, moral, and financial resources required for thorough research. 'Crux of the Matter' aims to bridge this gap.

Elaborating on what sets this show apart, Rahul Shivshankar said, "Drawing upon my experience as an anchor, author, and print media columnist, alongside the collective expertise of CNN-News18's seasoned journalists and domain specialists, we aim to dissect and contextualize news events in all their complexities. Presently, there is no other show on Indian television that can boast such a diverse ensemble of established talent, offering insights on matters central to public life. Leveraging the brand reputation of the TV18 network, we will be able to feature contributions from esteemed experts and prominent commentators, providing viewers with unparalleled, comprehensive analysis of pressing issues on one convenient platform."

CNN-News18 managing editor Zakka Jacob added, “In the relentless stream of news and information, it is important to pause and reflect on significant events for a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Through this show, our aim is to provide well-researched analysis of two key news events every week, engaging in insightful discussions with experts to unravel intricacies of the matter. The show offers a nuanced and thorough examination of each topic, which makes it an ideal appointment viewing on weekends.”

Network18 CEO – Business & English News Smriti Mehra said, “‘Crux of the Matter’ is yet another step in our journey of delivering impactful journalism through a diverse range of shows. With the expertise of Rahul and the collective prowess of our team, we are proud to offer viewers a platform that provides in-depth analysis and meaningful discourse to reflect on issues that shape our life.”

Covering politics, economics, science, and culture, the show adopts a structured format. It consists of two equally timed segments, each addressing different topics introduced through a news report and subsequently analysed by a panel of experts.

‘Crux of the Matter’ airs every Saturday from 7 pm to 8 pm on CNN-News18. It is also available for streaming on the channel's YouTube platform.