Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra in Soulful Duet 'Raat Akeli Thi' by Pritam.

Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra in Soulful Duet 'Raat Akeli Thi' by Pritam.

Soulful melody of the duo to the ears

Raat Akeli Thi

Mumbai: Antara Mitra, the sensational singer teamed up with Arijit Singh and renowned composer Pritam to captivate hearts with their latest release, "Raat Akeli Thi." The enchanting duet, infused with soulful melodies and emotive lyrics, promises to resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Antara Mitra, well-known for her captivating vocals, has come together with Arijit Singh and the maestro Pritam to create a musical masterpiece that encapsulates raw emotions and heartfelt sentiments. "Raat Akeli Thi" transcends boundaries, delivering a touching narrative through its evocative lyrics and amazingly beautiful composition by Pritam.

Speaking about the duet and the sentiments related to the song, Antara Mitra shared, "First and foremost, this song has a very unique composition compared to the kind of songs or compositions that’s happening around. ‘Raat Akeli Thi’ as a song has a classic taste to it. Hence, the composition of the song is so rich that I’m very glad to be a part of this beautiful process. Adding to that, Sriram Raghavan is one of my favorite directors especially when it comes to thriller and murder mystery. Now that I got the chance to sing for this film it’s like a real dream come true! Also, singing with Arijit has always been an incredible experience. 'Raat Akeli Thi' is a song very close to our hearts, and we hope it touches the souls of our listeners. Besides, after performing my first popular song 'Bheegi Si,' with Katrina, this is my second song with her in Sriram Raghavan sir's film. If I emphasized the composition so much then definitely Pritam Da has really outdone himself. Again, it’s not very easy to fit a romantic song into a thriller movie! Also, this is my first work with Varun Grover. I’ve been a fan of his ever since I watched ‘Masan”.

This classic song was written by Varun and we loved it In a nutshell, I just want to say that working with the “Raat Akeli Thi” team will always be a delight for me.”

The song is a harmonious blend of poignant storytelling and mellifluous melodies and promises to be a treat for music lovers seeking emotional resonance. “Raat Akeli Thi” is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners to immerse themselves in its heartfelt aura.