Pzaz TV reaches 50,000 films from 260 collaborating partners

Pzaz TV reaches 50,000 films from 260 collaborating partners

Pzaz TV offers independent content creators a revenue-sharing partnership programme.


Mumbai: Pzaz TV has amassed a catalogue of 50,000 films provided by a fast-growing community of 260 independent partners within 18 months of its 2021 launch.

Pzaz TV CEO Vincent Weberink founded the company in 2021 with the mission to match independent TV makers with people searching for television they can emotionally and culturally identify with. He says, "Television reflects our values and who we are. It should foster a society based on diversity and inclusion while supporting independent producers so they can continue to produce TV we connect with."

Pzaz envisions a more understanding and respectful world through television, delivered through collaboration with and among TV makers. Pzaz offers a connected ecosystem that enables independent TV producers to showcase their content to audiences through a unified viewing experience.

Outside the mainstream streaming providers, viewers are looking for content that is relevant to them, including films, TV shows, independent videos, and live TV. Pzaz helps content owners by acting as an aggregator platform, making it possible for its partners to reach new audiences and present themselves in front of viewers who will love their productions.

Weberink adds, "Pzaz is a matchmaker, facilitating relationships between a broad selection of TV, such as films, series, shorts, and viewers. We deliver TV as it should be: a truly diverse all-in-one TV app."

Pzaz decided to tackle this head-on by offering independent content creators access to a partnership programme that works on a revenue-share basis. This allows content creators and owners to show off their work to viewers from hundreds of other partners.

Pzaz credits its success to its work with partners. They are on a mission to build the world's largest independent TV partner community, offering content providers and distributors the opportunity to compete with the big players in the industry. This approach ensures Pzaz can provide a wide range of exclusive films, shorts, series, and documentaries that won't be shown anywhere else.

30A. Media CEO Paul Vizard said, "Pzaz TV is a phenomenal platform for creators and viewers, making it a leader in streaming TV. I am confident that Pzaz is a force to be reckoned with as streaming TV continues to grow."

In a world where the connection between filmmakers and viewers of independent TV is broken, Pzaz ensures unified access to cross-cultural TV, spreading ideas, visions, perspectives, identity, and social topics to everyone.