&pictures to premiere film 'Sherdil - The Pilibhit Saga'

&pictures to premiere film 'Sherdil - The Pilibhit Saga'

The film will premiere on 10 December at 10 p.m. 


Mumbai: "Tu Sher hai, toh bhi Sherdil hoon!" adapted from a true story - Sherdil - The Pilibhit Saga follows the adventures of a fearless and courageous Jundao sarpanch who devises an absurd scheme to protect his community.

Set for its world television premiere, the film consists of an eclectic cast led by Pankaj Tripathi, and is intertwined with a hard-hitting theme and one man’s determination to bring about change.

Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga is set to premiere on 10 December at 10 p.m. on &pictures.

Gangaram, who is prepared to sacrifice his life for his people by being murdered by a tiger, is the subject of the movie. This dramatic tale of life and death was enhanced with comedy and sympathy for the community's condition as they were forced to take drastic measures to survive. As the clumsy Sarpanch and magnificent saviour, Pankaj Tripathi plays a part unlike any other, combining epic one-liners with traditional charm and the brave but helpless Gangaram. Neeraj Kabi and Sayani Gupta will also appear at crucial times.

In the film, we see the actor say, "Baagh ko maarne nahi gaye the jungle mein, hum toh baagh se khud ka shikar karwane gaye the!" That demonstrates his love for his people and the innocence that Gangaram professes. Neeraj Kabi and Sayani Gupta also play important roles in the film.

Written and directed by National Award winner Srijit Mukherji, Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga perfectly balances some significant themes with unexpectedly philosophical bits rooted in everyday humour.

Talking about the world television premiere, Tripathi said, "Since I have lived in a village, I can understand the roots of Gangaram. But what took time was understanding my character's specific behaviour. I played a very intriguing and layered character that helped me explore a different facet of myself as an actor. I always wanted to be a part of a film that shows the man-animal conflict; I was always concerned with the man-animal conflict, and Sherdil gave me that opportunity. Moreover, Sherdil helped me understand the emotions and vulnerabilities of my character. Working with talented actors like Neeraj Kabi and Sayani Gupta was a great creative experience. We intended to make a good film and thoroughly enjoyed working together and discussing the craft. Sherdil is a film that deserves to be seen by a larger, especially younger audience, and we’re thrilled that &pictures is giving this film the platform."