Imtiaz Ali and Raghu Rai to Judge #nofilter Photography Show

Imtiaz Ali and Raghu Rai to Judge #nofilter Photography Show

National Geographic showcases nine contenders vying to showcase their photography prowess.

Imtiaz Ali

Mumbai: The world belongs to those who can capture its beauty. All one needs is a camera. With an aim to empower the photography community and display their talent on a grand scale, IndiGo, in collaboration with National Geographic India, announces nine finalists out of 90,000+ participants for a photography reality show, #nofilter by IndiGo. Fronted by judges Imtiaz Ali, an acclaimed film director, and Raghu Rai, a celebrated photographer, nine participants will capture the essence of India through their lenses, evoking emotions, and weaving captivating stories with each unfiltered shot. The show will premiere on 30 September at 8 p.m. on National Geographic platforms, including television and YouTube.  

Set against the backdrop of Delhi's vibrant streets, the participants will face various challenges that showcase the city's rich tapestry of life. In their quest to claim the coveted title of the show's best photographer, judges Imtiaz Ali and Raghu Rai will challenge each one of them to explore the iconic locations of Delhi under specific themes, capturing the most powerful, unfiltered photo essays. In each episode, the participants will immerse themselves in the city's true emotions, turning their lenses towards Old Delhi's bustling streets, traditional kitchens, women in uniform after work, and the captivating charm and chaos of the bazaars that offer a window into the spirit of the city itself. As the judges determine the fate of each participant, they will be seen engaging in an in-depth discussion about every entry and will reveal the episodic winner.

“National Geographic has always held a distinctive and revered position in the world of photography. Our innovative visual storytelling with iconic imagery has been a source of inspiration for our audience for 135 years. Through #nofilterbyIndiGo, we are excited to empower the photographers’ community to share their unadulterated, inspiring, yet beautiful stories. In addition to that, having two renowned personalities from the realms of photography and filmmaking as judges, we anticipate this show will raise the bar for photography excellence,” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

“As a filmmaker, I share a deep passion for the camera, and I believe that photography is a powerful means of storytelling. I'm thrilled to witness these talented photographers come together and compete with unfiltered creativity. Serving as a judge alongside the prolific Raghu Rai, we shoulder the responsibility of handpicking the most exceptional shots. My gratitude goes out to National Geographic and IndiGo for providing a platform that not only celebrates the art of photography but also fosters the growth of emerging talent,” said Imtiaz Ali.

“India is a country of diverse cultures and landscapes, and photography is perhaps the best way to share the beauty of the country with everyone. As part of our #IndiaByIndiGo initiative, the #nofilter partnership between IndiGo and Nat Geo celebrates the diversity of India and the passion of the photographers who bring it to life. We look forward to the episodes with our 9 finalists and wish them great success." said  IndiGo CDIO Neetan Chopra.

A community-building initiative for passionate photographers, #nofilter by IndiGo began in May 2023. Below are the nine entrants who have been shortlisted for the four-part series.

Riya David, Fashion Photographer

Madhur Nangia, Landscape & Travel Photographer

Pubarun Basu, Documentary Photographer

Anju Mishra, Engineer & Photography Enthusiast

Smita Goyal, IT Professional & Photography Enthusiast

Harsh Kharwar, Wedding Photographer

Ayshi Roy, Street & Documentary Photographer

Rayan Hussain, Tour Guide & Travel Photographer

Shyam Madhavan, Businessman, Content Creator & Photographer

#nofilter by IndiGo will premiere on National Geographic in India at 8 PM on 30 September 2023 and the episodes will air every Saturday thereafter.