“Adapting to evolving consumer trends: Key to media and entertainment industry success”: Asit Kumarr Modi

“Adapting to evolving consumer trends: Key to media and entertainment industry success”: Asit Kumarr Modi

Show resonates with the Indian diaspora and Expands international reach.

Asit Kumarr Modi

Mumbai: In 1995, Asit Kumarr Modi's ground-breaking vision led to the establishment of Neela Tele Films Private Limited, a television production company that would later evolve into the renowned Neela Film Productions. Through this venture, Modi embarked on a path to redefine television entertainment, giving birth to iconic shows that have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers. Among his illustrious productions is the timeless serial "Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah," a beloved household name that continues to captivate audiences with its humour and relatable narratives. Modi's creative prowess also extended to other remarkable shows such as "SAB Khelo SAB Jeeto!," "Wah! Wah! Kya Baat Hai!," "Krishnaben Khakhrawala," "Meri Biwi Wonderful," and "Yeh Duniya Hai Rangeen," each a testament to his boundless imagination and dedication. Asit Kumarr Modi's legacy is characterized by innovation, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to bringing joy and laughter into the lives of millions. His journey from theatre to television production exemplifies his remarkable evolution, and his contributions continue to shape the landscape of Indian television.

Today, Neela Films is one of the top production houses in India and enjoys immense goodwill in the television fraternity. Their current show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (on-air SAB TV) is presently the No. 1 Sitcom on Indian Television. Owing to its immense popularity amongst audiences of all ages, the show has been running successfully for over 15 years and continues to amuse the masses.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is one of the longest- sitcoms that aired first in 2008 and is now in its 15th year with over 3700 episodes. Other than its flagship show, Neela Film Productions Private Limited also streams Gukuldhamchi Duniyadari in Marathi and Tarak Mama Ayyo Rama in Telugu on YouTube. The shows along with the character universe are authored and created by Asit Kumarr Modi.

Indiantelevision.com in conversation with Neela Film Productions Pvt. creator, producer, managing director, Asit Kumarr Modi, on the longest running show on TV and much more……

Edited excerpts

On ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ being the longest-running shows, now in its 15th year

"Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah" has firmly established itself as one of India's enduring television series, becoming a fixture in countless households. Its impact goes beyond mere entertainment; it has been a catalyst for fostering unity, joy, positivity, and laughter among our viewers.

In its initial years, the show swiftly captured attention due to its distinctive storyline and its ability to humorously depict everyday life. With its unique talent for addressing societal issues and delivering moral lessons through humor, it quickly endeared itself to families across the nation.

The series introduced a vibrant cast of characters residing in Gokuldham Society, each representing a different Indian state. These characters, along with the catchphrases they popularized, became integral parts of daily life for many.

Over the years, the show has received numerous awards and accolades, including recognition from prestigious institutions like the Indian Television Academy Awards and the Indian Telly Awards. These honors acknowledge its outstanding contributions to the television industry.

The show has also found resonance in international markets, particularly among the Indian diaspora, further expanding its global audience and influence. As the oldest running show on Indian television, it continues to thrive, offering family-friendly programming that entertains while delivering important social messages.

On TMKOC venturing into edutainment, gaming, and e-commerce

The decision for Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah to enter the realms of edutainment, gaming, and e-commerce can be attributed to a strategic vision aimed at diversifying its offerings and embracing innovative approaches to engage its audience. This move aligns with the evolving preferences of viewers, especially among younger generations, allowing the show to stay in tune with emerging trends.

By venturing into these new domains, the show has the opportunity to extend its brand reach beyond the confines of television, thereby connecting with a broader audience spanning various demographics. Gaming and e-commerce platforms present a unique avenue for enhancing viewer engagement and enabling interaction with the show's characters and storylines.

Furthermore, by providing multiple avenues for fans to connect with the show, including through interactive games and merchandise, the production team can foster a deeper sense of loyalty among viewers while nurturing a vibrant sense of community. Additionally, by incorporating rhymes that encourage the use of local languages, the show can further connect with diverse audiences and celebrate linguistic diversity.

It's worth noting that the decision-making process behind this strategic move likely involved a blend of these factors, possibly complemented by insights from market research and an awareness of the ever-changing dynamics within the entertainment industry. The overarching goal is to amplify the show's reach, engagement levels, and revenue prospects, all while remaining true to its core values and mission of delivering entertainment that resonates with its audience. In an industry as competitive as media and entertainment, adapting to shifting consumer behaviours and preferences is essential to maintaining a strong and lasting presence.

On TMKOC starting off as a comedy show, but over the years it has picked up social issues, built gender awareness, and promoted a positive outlook toward life

The TMKOC show has earned a special place in the hearts of its viewers, leaving a positive impact by addressing societal concerns and driving constructive change through its episodes.

The show has actively supported initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, promoting hygiene and cleanliness. It celebrates India's diverse culture by thoughtfully depicting various festivals, fostering inclusivity and cultural unity. TMKOC has effectively advocated for traffic rules and road safety, even earning recognition from the Mumbai police.

The show also raises health and environmental awareness, encourages eco-friendly practices, and highlights the importance of water conservation. It portrays women as strong and independent, challenging traditional gender roles, and embracing the significance of senior citizens.

TMKOC's ability to seamlessly blend humor with meaningful content has made it a powerful vehicle for promoting positive change and raising awareness on a wide range of societal issues. As the world evolves, the show remains committed to adapting and evolving along with it.

On any plans in venturing into a web series and any plans for future projects in other channels

Given the immense popularity of the existing IP, we aim to create additional IPs with several shows, and films and continue our growth journey in animation, and games.

On the vision for Neela Films in the coming years

In light of the success of our current intellectual property, we have diversified our ventures by launching Neela Mediatech Pvt. Ltd., supported by a substantial investment of INR 24 crores. Our primary goal is to cultivate growth in the domains of Gaming, Animation, and E-commerce, all the while extending our presence across various platforms, with the ultimate aim of creating an extensive TMKOC universe. Additionally, we are in the active process of developing multiple new television shows to enrich and diversify our content portfolio.