This Earth Day, National Geographic India’s Third Season of ‘One for Change’ Initiative

This Earth Day, National Geographic India’s Third Season of ‘One for Change’ Initiative

Turns its lens to the animal world.

National Geographic

Mumbai: In less than 50 years, Earth has lost 69% of the average wildlife population. Wildlife play a significant role in the stability of the environment, ecosystem, and our lives. The quality of our existence is determined by how well we take care of them and our planet. National Geographic in India, with a mission to ignite hope and change among viewers and the wider public, celebrates Earth Day with the third season of its Earth Day initiative, ‘One for Change’.  The brand initiative advocates for positive environmental impact through small individual actions, highlighting how just one small act by everyone can have an enormous impact. This season, National Geographic India, is presenting five thought-provoking narratives emphasizing the need for change in our lives from the animal kingdom’s perspective.

The films hope to encourage viewers to bring about a change in their daily lives, by shedding light on wildlife species’ struggles against deforestation, climate change, plastic pollution, water scarcity and air pollution. Each video raises awareness about pressing global issues, such as the staggering amount of plastic in our oceans, the loss of million hectares of forests, the melting of trillion tons of ice, droughts and the deteriorating air quality around the world. These hard-hitting films will take viewers on an emotional journey, inspiring them to act now and adopt sustainable practices into their daily lives.​

“At National Geographic, our 136-year rich legacy of authentic and powerful storytelling has been captivating the audience, inspiring them to care about the world in new ways. In season 3 of the ‘One for Change’ initiative, we present a fresh viewpoint, offering insights through the eyes of wildlife as we witness the rapid destruction of their habitats. We're also empowering individuals with actionable tips to lead conscious lives, driving positive change one step at a time. This Earth Day, we're shedding light on the stark realities we face and how each of us can contribute to a brighter future for our planet," said Gaurav Banerjee, Head - Content, Disney+ Hotstar & HSM Entertainment Network, Disney Star.