National Geographic India ‘reimagines’ Singapore with digital short films

National Geographic India ‘reimagines’ Singapore with digital short films

Each of the films will highlight various activities and experiences in Singapore.

National Geographic India

MUMBAI: Singapore is home to some of the most unique tourist attractions and widely perceived as a safe, environmentally friendly and multi-faceted destination. From its stunning skyline, scrumptious food, efficient public transport to diverse ecological landscapes and rich heritage, Singapore deserves a spot on everyone’s list of must-visit destinations. With the aim of connecting people to Singapore and igniting their passion for travel, National Geographic will take viewers on an exciting tour of the city through an eight-part series titled – Reimagine Passion in Singapore. 

Starting 12 February 2021, the films will be exclusively released on National Geographic India’s social media platforms that have reach of over 10 million fans.

These 60-120 second films will take audiences through a journey in Singapore to find diversity and marvel at the right balance in modernity, greenery and culture that will ignite one’s passions in the arts, photography, culinary and urban wildlife. Uniquely shot and edited to appease the digital audiences and fans across National Geographic’s social media platforms, all eight films will give viewers different perspectives on the various activities and experiences in Singapore.

“We offer a special, unfiltered view of our planet, cultures and distinct places through our National Geographic social media platforms for our fans across the country. Singapore, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular locations in the world and we thought of creating special short, bite-size yet impactful stories and giving our very engaged community of 10 million+ fans, a unique perspective of the city,” said a National Geographic spokesperson

The association with National Geographic India is one of the initiatives undertaken by Singapore Tourism Board to invite the Indian audience to reimagine travel to Singapore as part of its global Singapore Reimagine campaign. Over the past few months, Singapore’s tourism sector has been working towards showcasing both resilience and ingenuity to meet the evolving needs of visitors in a Covid-present world and ensure that every aspect of their experience is safe, yet delightful.

With international border restrictions still in place, this is a way to bring the Singapore experience closer to the Indian audience, who appreciate and enjoy Singapore as the destination for both leisure and business travel.

“We are happy to collaborate with National Geographic India, presenting Singapore through their trademark creative, passion-filled lenses,” said Singapore Tourism Board India, Middle East & South Asia regional director G B Srithar. “The films, featuring four creative Indian personalities and their takes on the city destination’s charms and offerings, will be entertaining and engaging for viewers. Each short film invites the audience to reimagine Singapore and discover the city’s many layers. They will re-spark the desire to travel and enjoy the experiences, when the time is right.”