Famous Studios' unrivaled talent pool redefines excellence in filmmaking from concept to delivery: Famous Studio’s Anant Roongta

Famous Studios' unrivaled talent pool redefines excellence in filmmaking from concept to delivery: Famous Studio’s Anant Roongta

From Turbulence to Triumph: Famous Studios' Unforgettable Journey!"

Anant Roongta

Mumbai: Famous Studio is one of the oldest film studios, and it was established in 1946 is an unwavering legacy of world-class tech, talent, and infrastructure, continuing to thrive and flourish in the Media and Entertainment industry. It is famous for creating ground-breaking content with award-winning talent, cutting-edge technology & infrastructure that unlock, inspire, and nurture the imagination of storytellers. Famous has always thought ahead of time. Famous wants to give a new dimension to storytelling. All the campaigns are targeted to make a new revolution in the industry. Famous portfolio of diverse creative solutions. A range of shooting floors with a dedicated green screen stage, and ready-to-shoot sets with makeup rooms, ideal for content production and live events.

High-Speed Visual Engineering Lab with Phantom Flex 4K GS and precision-controlled Robotic Arm, Virtual Production facilities integrated with Unreal Engine, and In-house production services with a global network of directors. End-to-end Creative Audio and Video Postproduction services, Offline Editing Suites, Online/Finishing Suites, Dolby Vision Certified DI and colour Grading Facilities on Base light and Da Vinci Resolve, and 4 X Sound Mix and Recording Studios including a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 HE room. Established in 1998, Famous House of Artists (FHOA) has been a leading VFX, CGI, & 3D Animation service provider with a talented team of artists delivering high-end VFX/CGI projects across the globe and an end-to-end capacity to deliver content from conceptualisation to final delivery.

Under the leadership of Anant Roongta who is a 3rd generation entrepreneur and the managing director of India’s most iconic film studio; Famous Studios, ushered big, bold changes at Famous such as setting up Famous Working Co., India’s first co-working space in film studio and partnering with Netflix as their preferred postproduction partner. In a bid to provide a technologically advanced canvas for storytellers, Anant and his team launched a state-of-the-art postproduction studio in Andheri, Mumbai & Hyderabad specializing in long format and OTT content. He also paved the way for introducing new technologies such as visual engineering, Motion Capture, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos-certified post-production facilities, virtual production and VFX. With a vision to make Famous a global leader and enabler of audio-visual craft and creative solutions, Anant is investing massively in talent, technology, and infrastructure. Famous has worked on landmark campaigns, legendary ad campaigns and iconic ads. Famous is giving a new dimension to lots of international brands and campaign ads launching in India. And Anant Roongta is the man behind this splendid success. The studio has splendid spaces where one can proudly showcase the work. State-of-the-art 60-seater

The studio has splendid spaces where one can proudly showcase the work. State-of-the-art 60-seater Preview Theater with Barco 2K 8S Projector and Dolby Atmos Surround 7.1 is every content creator's dream. Whether it’s a special screening or a private preview, famous theatre has everything one needs.

Indiantelevision.com in a chat with Roongta, spoke on the innovations at Famous Studio, partnering with Netflix, setting up the state-of-the-art post-production facility and much more……

On being one of the best studios in Mumbai, it was probably the only one with air-conditioned floors, practically 90% of Ad commercials have been shot here, what were the reasons to diversify into post-production

Famous Studios was one of the leading studios in Mumbai, renowned for its extensive work in advertising commercials. Recognizing the importance of diversifying services, the studio made a strategic decision to expand its offerings by venturing into post-production in 1985. This groundbreaking move, fueled by the burgeoning industry and the growing demand for compelling advertising content, transformed Famous Studios into a comprehensive end-to-end service provider, encompassing shooting floors, animation, sound recording, editing, colour grading, and visual effects. The establishment of a post-production facility not only attracted a wider clientele but also positioned Famous Studios at the forefront of the digital era.

On the commercial for Puma Nitro

The Puma Nitro case study is an intriguing example of how technological advancements and collaboration can lead to stunning visual storytelling. The initial brief, focusing on the shoe's versatility and all-weather capabilities, sparked the creativity of our team of concept artists. By leveraging cutting-edge software like Unreal Engine and Blender, we were able to create captivating visuals that effectively conveyed the shoe's key features.

Puma's open and collaborative approach further enhanced the process, resulting in a commercial that is both visually stunning and impactful. The commercial's focus on the shoe's logo, laces, and innovative soft foam technology, coupled with the diverse environments in which it is used, highlights the shoe's versatility and appeal to a wide range of consumers. While creativity can be a complex process, the training and expertise of our concept artists allowed us to seamlessly translate the brief into visually compelling content. As you can see in the commercial, the visuals are both dramatic and effective, perfectly capturing the essence of Puma Nitro.

On the post-production innovations for the ad what was the specific TG the brand wanted to target

The innovation behind this commercial was as simple as Anant describes: Famous Studios received a technical brief to showcase a shoe in a TV commercial without any actors. To address this challenge, Famous Studios employed photogrammetry technology, setting up multiple cameras to capture images of the shoe from various angles. The resulting 3D image, known as a 3D mesh, was then imported into animation software, where colours, design elements, and motion were added to create the final film.

This commercial was entirely produced using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), and without the advancements in technologies like Blender, Unreal Engine, and photogrammetry, it would not have been possible. However, even with sophisticated tools, the true magic lies in the talent and expertise of the team behind them. Famous Studios possesses this talent pool, enabling us to excel in the creative, production, and delivery aspects of filmmaking.

On the launch of this facility, how has the journey been

Famous Studio's extraordinary journey began long before 1945, and throughout this remarkable journey, the company has weathered numerous industry storms, emerging stronger each time. This resilience is a testament to the forward-thinking mindset of the management, which has consistently embraced change and attracted and nurtured top talent.

This commitment to innovation and talent development has enabled Famous Studios to maintain its relevance, expanding its operations with three facilities in Mumbai and recently opening a new one in Hyderabad. The company's leadership refuses to rest on its laurels, constantly looking ahead to the next 3-5 years to ensure its continued success. The journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, with its share of ups and downs, but it is these experiences that have shaped Famous Studios into the institution it is today.

On your insights on how the post-production landscape in India has changed/evolved over the years

The post-production landscape has undoubtedly undergone a dramatic transformation, driven by technological advancements. In the past, we relied on cumbersome telecine machines and negative film, followed by digitization and grading before editing. Today, digital cameras have revolutionized the process, allowing for immediate shot selection and editing. Moreover, powerful computers, sophisticated software, and cloud infrastructure have significantly reduced post-production timeframes. Additionally, remote collaboration tools like Frame.io enable clients to access and review work in real-time, regardless of their location. While the post-production workflow has evolved remarkably, the demand for post-production services is only poised to increase. The ever-growing demand for content across all media and entertainment sectors necessitates the expertise and technology offered by post-production facilities.

On your vision and mission for the next three years

Famous Studios boasts a comprehensive mission and vision that reflects our unique position as a studio that caters to nearly every segment of the media and entertainment industry. Our mission is to ignite the creativity of storytellers through a harmonious blend of technology, craftsmanship, innovation, and infrastructure. Our vision is to deliver a seamless and transformative experience through creativity and innovation. Both our mission and vision are anchored by four fundamental pillars: innovation, craftsmanship, infrastructure, and technology. These pillars will guide our growth as we explore new avenues in the media and entertainment sector.