Deconstruct partners with Supari Studios for a brand film

Deconstruct partners with Supari Studios for a brand film

Supari Studios created a film that identifies with Deconstruct's age range of 18–25.

Supari Studios

Mumbai: Supari Studios has collaborated with science-based skincare brand Deconstruct on their latest brand film.

With the Deconstruct film, Supari has skillfully brought attention to the brand as well as its mission of 'Information over impulse' in skincare regimens.

Deconstruct wanted to break through the clutter and address the deeply ingrained impulse-buying habit in consumers. With this in mind, Supari Studios created a film that identifies with Deconstruct’s 18–25 year old, primarily female audiences, and highlights the unsolicited advice that they may encounter on a regular basis.

The campaign's protagonist represents anyone who has been confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information and misinformation they must wade through in order to find a skin care product that works for them.

Speaking on the campaign, Supari Studios creative lead Sakshi Bhasin said, "Working on the campaign with Deconstruct, we knew we had the unmissable chance to do something different and clutter-breaking. Leaning into the brand’s philosophy around skincare, we decided to bring in an aspect of humour, and talk about the unsolicited advice and ever-changing trends that surround this industry. With the kind of experience our Director, Devika Chaturvedi, brought to the table, we were able to add that exaggeration to the situations in the film and marry a skincare product with a humorous concept, a combination rarely seen in this space. As someone who has worked on a myriad of campaigns with beauty and skincare brands, this was the perfect opportunity to do something fresh and experimental"

"Since our childhood, we have been provided with unsolicited advice from multiple sources, especially when it comes to skincare," Malini Adapureddy added, "but in the new age of knowledge economy, consumers are changing and seeking their own information." Deconstruct aids them in this journey by providing well-researched and simple information on the website, our product labels, and our social media channels and helps them decide what is best. We want them to purchase on the basis of logic and science rather than trying to entice them with vague beauty results. Supari Studios helped us put this concept out in a succinct and relatable manner by using daily instances that most of us must have gone through at least once in life. They pulled the entire project into execution in a crunched timeline, and we are very happy to see our vision come to life beautifully in the video."