AutoVRse empowers Tata Power Solar with VR solutions for enhanced training

AutoVRse empowers Tata Power Solar with VR solutions for enhanced training

This partnership advances immersive tech for transformative field training.


Mumbai: AutoVRse, India's pioneer provider of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) training solutions for businesses, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Tata Power Solar. This partnership represents a big advancement in the use of immersive technologies to transform field training approaches.

Tata Power Solar chose AutoVRse to create a comprehensive training program on safe chemical handling procedures due to the team's experience in developing AR and VR solutions. As part of the collaboration, AutoVRse will create and implement VR-integrated immersive simulations that improve training efficacy and engagement.

Field technicians at Tata Power Solar will have access to a thorough and engaging learning experience with the VR training module, which will include three modes: training mode, practice mode, and assessment mode. The adaptable nature of AutoVRse accommodates a variety of learning preferences and guarantees that technicians are prepared to manage the complexities involved in handling dangerous chemicals.

The VR simulations will be seamlessly integrated with a customised dashboard, in addition to acting as a deployment qualification tool. With the use of this dashboard, Tata Power Solar will be able to track and evaluate each technician's performance and development, guaranteeing ongoing development and compliance with safety procedures.

“VR-based training has become a pivotal component within the comprehensive Safety and Digital Transformation strategy adopted by global enterprises,” said AutoVRse’s business development lead Vishal V Ahankari. “Through our collaboration with Tata Power Solar, we aim to achieve a reduction in time-to-proficiency by over 40 per cent, concurrently elevating standards of shop floor safety. This initiative is positioned to significantly optimise operational efficiency by substantially reducing man-hours and fostering overarching gains in productivity.”

Combining VR solutions demonstrates AutoVRse's dedication to providing businesses with adaptable and powerful training experiences. Tata Power Solar's innovative approach places them at the forefront of renewable energy safety training.