“Continued success fueled by Hallmark brand's embrace of inspiration, kindness, and hope”: Hallmark's Francisco J. González

“Continued success fueled by Hallmark brand's embrace of inspiration, kindness, and hope”: Hallmark's Francisco J. González

Year-round priority: Creating inclusive content and welcoming everyone.


Mumbai: Hallmark Media markets and distributes Hallmark's original signature content to every international market around the world.

Their networks in the US include Hallmark Channel, their flagship network; Hallmark Movies & Mysteries; the new linear channel Hallmark Drama; and the SVOD platform Hallmark Movies Now. Apart from media, the brand has forayed into many exciting businesses which allow its fans to touch and feel the brand be it merchandise, wine and even themed cruises! With a legacy spanning over a century, Hallmark Media encompasses a wide range of television programs, movies, and other content produced and aired by networks like Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama.

This platform is synonymous with heartwarming, family-friendly entertainment and is especially known for its seasonal programming, including beloved holiday traditions like Countdown to Christmas. With a vast library of original movies and series, often set in charming small-town settings, Hallmark has cultivated a dedicated fanbase appreciative of its inclusive and emotionally resonant storytelling. As a staple in both holiday and everyday entertainment, Hallmark continues to connect with audiences worldwide.

Hallmark Media is represented by Brandwith, a premier representative and distribution company in the Asia Pacific Region.

Indiantelevision.com in conversation with Hallmark Media senior VP- international distribution Francisco J. González on email on the legacy of Hallmark Media, on what sets them apart and much more……

On Hallmark Media and its mission in the entertainment industry

Hallmark Media is home to top-rated, widely beloved programming that makes people feel good. Our goal is to provide our viewers with a wholesome, positive, and light-hearted viewing experience across our channels and platforms, and we deliver on that mission. Notably, flagship network Hallmark Channel is a top draw year-round and especially during the holiday season with its highly popular programming franchise Countdown to Christmas, which has earned the network the #1 spot among entertainment cable with Women 18+ during the Fourth Quarter for nine consecutive years.

On being well-known for its heartwarming and family-friendly content

Hallmark Media’s brand identity is rooted in the legacy of the iconic Hallmark Card brand, which has been in the business of helping people create meaningful connections that enrich their lives for over 113 years. Our success as an entertainment destination continues to grow in large part due to the guiding principles of the Hallmark brand, which fully embrace stories of inspiration, kindness, and hope.

On the dedicated audience that looks forward to its holiday-themed content

Our priority year-round is to develop a diverse mix of content, characters, and storylines that create an environment where everyone is seen and feels welcome. Further, we establish relationships with talent both in front of and behind the camera that reflect the lives and experiences of all our viewers. For example, we’re proud to put forward programming franchises like Loveuary, which celebrates love – from romantic love, to love between siblings, neighbors, friends, and more – during February, the most heartwarming month of the year and a time when many celebrate Valentine’s Day.

On Hallmark Channel having a unique niche in the market

Hallmark Channel is a unique success story in the cable landscape, continually ranking as a top-rated entertainment cable network and delivering compelling new content that helps them escape from the troubles of the world for a moment. What makes the network stand out year after year is its commitment to providing content that makes people feel good and inspires hope, love, and the celebration of a happy ending.

On the content having a positive and wholesome appeal

We create programming that reflects modern storytelling and allows everyone to share in the Hallmark experience. What’s more, we establish relationships with a wide range of writers, producers, directors and actors to identify and authentically develop stories that reflect the lives of our audiences. What we hear from our viewers is that our efforts allow them to see themselves in our programming in a meaningful way, while spotlighting a broad range of experiences, beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

On the belief that sets Hallmark Media apart from other entertainment companies, and your vision for the future of the brand

One thing that sets us apart from other entertainment companies is our devoted fanbase. They are an anomaly in this industry – passionate, engaged, loyal, and the reason for all that we do. Looking ahead to the future, we will continue to bring them fresh stories and new opportunities to connect with our brand.