Indian Digital BrandFest 2023: Demonstrating Marketing ROI In A Complex Digital World

Indian Digital BrandFest 2023: Demonstrating Marketing ROI In A Complex Digital World

The summit had brands, advertisers, and tech platforms to discuss all these trends.

Indian Digital BrandFest 2023

Mumbai: The 3rd edition of Indian Digital BrandFest 2023 kicked off and had brands, advertisers, and tech platforms discuss all these trends and more. The summit looked at the latest trends driving the change in consumer behaviour and how it has impacted the industry’s growth.

Whether it was a boom in influencer marketing or the popularity of short-video platforms, brands did not hesitate to jump onto the digital bandwagon to up their marketing game. So Indian is taking this opportunity to bring a host of industry experts together under one roof to discuss all these new trends shaping the future.

The panellists for this session were EaseMyTrip co-founder Rikant Pittie, Warner Bros.Discovery South Asia, marketing, OTT & broadcast Azmat Jagmang, CMO Sai Narayan, CleverTrap senior VP- India. The session chair for this panel was Fractional CMO Partners managing partner Jayant Kshirsagar.

Kshirsagar began the session and spoke on how marketing ROI has changed so much in the last two decades. He also asked the same to the panellists on their marketing journey.

Acharya replied first by saying, “ While you are looking for a brand, the brand is in the same breath looking for you. What are you interested in, what content you consume and here the data is the king. And if data is the king then definitely content is the queen and personalisation is the prince.”

Jagmag shared her perspective on her marketing ROI, “ I had the opportunity to work with the traditional media houses going digital and OTT etc. There are times wherein often you do your best, especially in an industry like ours, which is media and you still have limited control on the outcome.”

Narayan said, “The first thing that Policybazaar did was to keep the power of hands to the consumer. We are super passionate about helping Indians get educated about insurance.”

Pittie said, “When you are designing a media strategy and you are measuring all the ROIs and it gets increasingly complicated. We end up putting all the media spending on some measurable metrics. And to me search trends are an honest indicator to show that what this entire noise and euphoria that you are building, is resulting from a consumer perspective.”

Lastly, the panellists thanked Kshirsagar for asking enriching questions and also for keeping the session engaging.