From setbacks to comebacks: The power of persistence

From setbacks to comebacks: The power of persistence

This year's Goafest ignited the creative spark and empowered people.

Tahira Kashyap and Atika Farooqui

Mumbai: This year, Goafest has adapted to new horizons, bringing the 17th edition of the festival to the vibrant city of Mumbai.

As they celebrated numerous ground-breaking ideas, they rose a toast to adaptability - the key to success in their ever-changing world. From diverse view-points to cutting-edge strategies, set amidst the serene backdrop of Powai Lake, this year's Goafest ignited the creative spark and empowered people to navigate the exciting unknown.

In a powerful session titled, From Setbacks to Comebacks: The Power of Persistence presented by Adani, acclaimed writer and film director Tahira Kashyap captivated the audience with her inspiring journey, moderated with celebrity host & actor Atika Farooqui. Tahira shared personal anecdotes and professional experiences, illustrating how resilience and determination have been instrumental in her success. “Women go through hardware upgrades a lot; every day is so different for women, every hour is so different than the previous one," she mentioned, also candidly referring to the books she has written on womanhood and motherhood.

When asked about the various facets of her identity, she smiled, “My identity is no longer defined by my title, but by the relationships I cherish. I take immense pride in being known as a wife, mother, daughter, and Mrs Kashyap. It's the people in my life who give my existence meaning, and I'm humbled to be seen as a person, not just a professional label.” Throughout the discussion, she underscored that setbacks are not the end but opportunities for growth and reinvention. She reflected on the numerous hardships that life can bring, yet felt profound gratitude to the universe for her journey thus far. Her faith had been a constant source of strength, empowering her to overcome obstacles. Recognizing that each person's life is unique, she acknowledged that everyone faces challenges, but it is their faith that enables them to persevere. With a steadfast determination to create meaningful stories, she vowed that her female protagonists would never be relegated to marginal roles, instead, they would be dynamic characters who drive the narrative forward. With a personal commitment to growth and self-improvement, she embraced the challenges that lay ahead, knowing that her perspective and journey would shape her path.

Her story resonated deeply, offering a compelling reminder that persistence is key to overcoming challenges and achieving long-term success. This session underscored the transformative power of perseverance in turning obstacles into stepping stones.