Fantasy gives creative liberty to writers

Fantasy gives creative liberty to writers

Supernatural genre lets you discover finer sub-classifications.


MUMBAI: Writers of the show Naagin, Mukta Dhond and  Mrinal Jha, explored the scope of supernatural genre at day two of The Content Hub 2020 organised by

Dhond thinks the most exciting thing about fantasy is that it gives creative liberty to writers. As they say, anything is possible in the fantasy world which usually is not possible in other normal stories. There are some real stories; outside of that there is a whole world of small creatures that have a power. Naagin is a female superhero and there are very few female superheroes worldwide, especially here in India.

“For example, Naagin's biggest attraction when we started was that here is a woman who does what she wants to, who has a power. She is able to fight back and takes revenge, but the world doesn’t hate her. The character can do unimaginable things that we cannot think of. That is the beauty of supernatural shows.”

Mrinal Jha said, “Supernatural genre also demands pace in writing which sometimes is a challenge. The struggle is to find something new to tell every week.”

Sharing the same sentiments, Mukta said: “People in India don't have patience. They want romance, action, drama all in one episode. So, the volume of content generation in supernatural genre like Naagin or Nazar becomes high. It is like surprising yourself and the audience every day.”

The panelists also agreed that the one good thing about supernatural genre is that you can discover finer sub-classifications which make one show different from the other.