SAT allowing Punit as CEO of Zee/Sony merged co. – a potential overhang if Sony does not agree on the same

SAT allowing Punit as CEO of Zee/Sony merged co. – a potential overhang if Sony does not agree on the same

We await Sony and Zee updates for more insight on the merger's direction.


Mumbai: As per media reports (link -

), Sony does not want Punit Goenka to head Zee/Sony merged co, amidst the ongoing SEBI investigation which will continue despite interim relief from SAT. We believe this is as per our two scenarios pointed out earlier (scenario 1 - merger process expedited with clarity over Punit and scenario 2 - Sony not in favour of appointing Punit as CEO amidst the ongoing investigation), which clearly mentioned that Sony may not be in favour of having a CEO who is undergoing an investigation.

Legally, we don’t foresee any challenge in appointing Punit as CEO, post the relief by SAT- as indicated by primary checks with legal experts too. However, as Sony is the majority in this merger - they may decide to appoint someone else due to this investigation; there is a high likelihood of Sony appointing someone internally to head the merged co.

There is minimal impact of the above move (change in CEO) eventually, as the appointment of a new CEO will require a mere shareholder and Board approval; as mentioned earlier, we don’t foresee big delays beyond a point for the merger and the process could end over next 8-12 weeks, as Sony may not wait longer than that. Hence, we don’t even expect a big delay as such on the merger due to this move. Expect a larger transition time in business synergies case of Sony acquiring Zee without Punit, due to a potential new management for Zee

Albeit above, 1) the business synergies, 2) superior CG (corporate governance) practice, 3) scale in OTT remain to be the drivers for the merged co and this could drive superior valuation multiples.

Various scenarios that could emerge basis above – if Punit Geonka changes his stance and wants to remain CEO of the merged co, post SAT approval or keeps his stance (not wanting to become CEO)

1) Scenario one – Sony may back out – merged called off  (Probability -20 per cent)

In case of Punit Goenka wanting to be the CEO of the merged co. and Sony not agreeing upon the same,  it may lead to Sony backing out of the merger. We believe the probability of this event seems to very low, as the merger is very important for Z shareholders and the Goenka family; also, Sony may struggle to scale up in a market like India in case Disney is acquired by Reliance. We believe Sony too is equally eager for the merger as Z is, as the linear TV and OTT market has turned disruptive.

2) Scenario two – Punit remains CEO of the merged co (Probability -10 per cent)

In this scenario, Sony may allow Punit Goenka to remain as CEO and have their own finance, operations team for day to day affairs, with a majority on Board by Sony. However, given Sony’s MNC culture, this may seem to be a low likelihood event, unless they legally need to do it (As per term sheet of the merger) and cannot back out of the merger; Sony may not want to have a CEO on Board, who is under a SEBI investigation

3) Scenario three – Punit may be offered a board seat, but not a CEO role (Probability -30 per cent)

In this scenario, Punit may be offered a Board seat in the merged co, but not a CEO designation, until the outcome of investigation is known. This in turn may lead to superior CG practices in Z, with change in finance and operations team post the merger by Sony. This could potentially be a win-win for both parties, if mutually agreed upon. Further, Punit may also ask Sony for a higher non-compete fee in case he plans to step aside of Zee and not become CEO. We believe the probability of this event is on the higher side, as Punit may eventually agree to be on Board in the interim, until the outcome of investigation is known with a higher non compete fee

4) Scenario four - Merger goes ahead without Punit (Probability – 40 per cent)

In this scenario, Punit Goenka agrees to step aside as CEO if Sony decides to call off the merger; Sony may continue to run its India operations in India if the merger is called off, but Zee may struggle as valuations may come off atleast 50 per cent if the merger does not go through, which in turn could hamper shareholder and promoter stake valuation in Z today. We thus believe that at the end of the day, bargaining power is limited from Z promoter side, and they may have to agree upon the same. Sony can also seek shareholder approval (consortium) and go ahead with the merger without Punit Goenka. We believe probability of this event is the highest as shareholders own the company, with promoters having a mere 4 per cent stake.

In terms of merger process, Z has already filed with ROC (Registrar of Companies); the merger process has reached advance stages and hence it may be tough for Sony too to back out of this merger. We thus believe that the likelihood of this merger going through remains high (80 per cent probability) with or without Punit Geonka; however, the recent approval by SAT allowing Punit as CEO and Sony not agreeing upon the same is a potential risk for the merger, as probability of the merger not going through moves up to 20 per cent now. As per our checks with legal experts, SEBI will file a stay in Supreme Court against the SAT order by end of this month. We await updates from Sony and Zee management, which will provide us more colour on where this merger could be headed.

The credit for this article goes to Elara Capital Sr VP - research analyst (media, consumer discretionary & internet) Karan Taurani.