PVR INOX & AAJ TAK to livestream the historic Ram Mandir inauguration

PVR INOX & AAJ TAK to livestream the historic Ram Mandir inauguration

Get ready to celebrate the grand occasion on grand screens!


Mumbai: PVR INOX Ltd has announced that it will bring the live screening of historic Ram Mandir inauguration during the consecration ceremony to its cinema screens on 22 January 2024. The momentous event marks a significant cultural milestone in India, and is hugely anticipated across the country. PVR INOX will be broadcasting this significant ceremony live with AAJ TAK across 160 plus cinemas across 70 plus cities of India. The live screening of the ceremony will take place from 11 am till 3 pm. Tickets can be booked through the PVR INOX app or website and other platforms at a flat price of Rs 100 which includes a beverage and popcorn combo making it accessible to a wide audience eager to witness the historic event on the big screens.

PVR INOX Ltd co-CEO Gautam Dutta expressing his excitement on this momentous occasion said, "Grand and historic occasion like this have to be experienced in an equally grand manner. The cinema screens will bring to life the emotions of a collective celebration across the country. It will be a privilege for us to be able to connect the devotees with this celebration in a truly unique manner. We hope that we will be able to recreate the buzz of the temple, the auspicious chants and the breath-taking visuals and bring alive the magic of the most awaited moments in India’s contemporary history. Our commitment to providing a memorable and immersive cinematic experience extends beyond entertainment, and we look forward to sharing this historic moment with our patrons"

PVR INOX invites its patrons to witness this historic occasion on the grand screens of PVR INOX, offering an immersive experience that captures the splendour and significance of the Ram Mandir's inauguration. This unique opportunity allows audiences to come together and celebrate this cultural landmark on a scale befitting its historical importance.

India Today Group CEO Dinesh Bhatia added, “At AAJ TAK, our commitment to being at the forefront of historic moments remains unwavering. With unparalleled clarity and depth, we deliver news that matters, seen by all as the permanent choice for credibility and trust. The collaboration with PVR INOX takes our mission to new heights, connecting millions in India during significant events like this. Whether it's the Pran Pratistha in Ayodhya or other crucial moments, Aaj Tak continues to be the beacon for those seeking reliable coverage and a sense of togetherness.”