“Chamak” web series ranks highest on the IMDb chart

“Chamak” web series ranks highest on the IMDb chart

Since its debut, the show has been steadily climbing the charts on IMDb.


Mumbai: Embark on a mesmerising journey into the heart of Punjab with 'Chamak,' the highest-rated Indian show on IMDb, boasting an impressive 9.5 rating. Created, written, directed, and produced by Rohit Jugraj, 'Chamak' has captured the imagination of audiences since its release on 7 December 2023. Blending elements of mystery and music, ‘Chamak’ has carved a niche for itself in the genre of musical thrillers, captivating audiences with its riveting storyline and soul-stirring melodies.

Since its debut, the show has been steadily climbing the charts on IMDb, alongside other acclaimed Indian series like Scam 1992, Sapne Vs Everyone, Farzi, Aarya showcasing the growing appetite for diverse and engaging narratives.

Rohit Jugraj, the brainchild behind 'Chamak,' describes the overwhelming response from viewers as humbling. He stated, "The audience's love for 'Chamak' has been beyond our expectations and it's incredibly gratifying. The hard work put in composing the music for Chamak has really got the pulse of the audience and music plays an integral part of the show which binds the emotions of the characters. As a storyteller to be able to engage the audience is what drives us to work even harder for Season 2 releasing this year.”

Rohit Jugraj, the creative genius behind 'Chamak,' is no stranger to delivering hits. With past successes like 'Sardaarji' and 'Arjun Patiala,' he has carved a niche for himself in the world of Punjabi cinema, known for his ability to blend genres seamlessly. His vision for 'Chamak' transcends expectations, immersing audiences in a world where every note and every revelation holds significance.

At the heart of 'Chamak' lies a compelling narrative centered around Kaala, an aspiring singer from Canada who returns to Punjab to unravel the mysterious death of his legendary father, Tara Singh. As Kaala's journey unfolds, viewers are drawn into a web of intrigue, betrayal, and familial drama, set against the backdrop of Punjab's vibrant music industry.

The cast of 'Chamak' shines bright, with Paramvir Singh Cheema delivering a captivating performance as Kaala, the protagonist on a quest for truth and redemption. Alongside Cheema, the ensemble cast, including Manoj Pahwa, Isha Talwar, and Gippy Grewal, brings depth and authenticity to their respective roles, elevating the series to new heights.

As anticipation mounts for the release of its season two which is expected to be out this 2024, audiences are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Kaala's journey and the unravelling of long-held secrets. With its mesmerizing storyline, stellar performances, and soul-stirring music, 'Chamak' promises to captivate audiences once again, cementing its status as a true masterpiece of Indian television.