DocuBay announces original documentary slate

DocuBay announces original documentary slate

The streaming platform has greenlit six projects covering diverse topics.

Mumbai: International documentary streaming service, DocuBay, from the house of IN10 Media Network, has launched its original slate with six intriguing topics and more in the pipeline.

This exciting new addition to the platform's content library is aimed at offering viewers a unique and immersive viewing experience along with exploring a wide range of topics and stories.

On the development, IN10 Media Network managing director Aditya Pittie said, “DocuBay is one of the fastest growing assets from our portfolio, and we are glad to present our original documentaries that are a testament to DocuBay's commitment to deliver compelling, thought-provoking content to our viewers globally.”

Since its launch, the streaming platform has continuously expanded its global footprint with hand-picked documentaries. “Today, audiences have overwhelming content choices but are invariably seeking something new to expand their worldview. After gathering data and insights on how and what customers are watching, we are excited to create our originals which marks a significant milestone for us. The originals give us an excellent opportunity to showcase our brand disposition through creative expression and take the platform to the next level,” added DocuBay COO Girish Dwibhashyam.

DocuBay's originals will showcase intriguing and real stories covering diverse topics like Crime, Technology, Culture, Society, Relationships and more. The platform has already greenlit multiple projects with various production companies.

Documentaries titled ‘Monogamy Disrupted’ and ‘Water Mafia’ produced by Vice Studios India will peek into the lives of those who identify as polyamorous and the sinister effects of water mafia across socio-economic classes, respectively

‘Bad Toys Inc.’ developed by G.O.A.T Studios showcases how sex toys are elevating the perception of pleasure across cities and towns in India while ‘B.P.O (Bogus Phone Operators)’, developed by Nirvaan Entertainment, brings forth the sensational events wherein organized gang of cons defrauded thousands of US citizens for millions of dollars, shocking the law and order authorities in India & the FBI.

Another film ‘Plastic Fantastic' finds out how plastic surgery has become a common phenomenon today and what the future holds for it.  ‘Destiny On Demand’ explores the popularity of astrology buoyed by the internet which is creating new business models.

The platform, catering to the age group of 18 to 45, is pursuing different themes and topics for originals that will resonate with audiences globally.

DocuBay's original documentaries will be available on the streaming platform in 2023.