Vi releases the second TVC of its ‘Be Someone’s We’ campaign

Vi releases the second TVC of its ‘Be Someone’s We’ campaign

Vi Launches Second Phase of ‘Be Someone’s We’ Campaign to Combat Loneliness Among Empty Nesters


Mumbai: Vi, a leading telecom operator, recently launched the second phase of its ‘Be Someone’s We’ campaign, focusing on combating loneliness among empty nesters. During the India vs Pakistan match on Sunday, Vi released the second TVC of this campaign, which demonstrates the positive power of connectivity in combating loneliness and how a telecom network can serve as a bridge to make empty nesters feel more connected and included.

The new TVC, titled ‘Summer Vacation’, beautifully portrays the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The story begins with a grandmother narrating a story to her granddaughter, and that’s when her daughter says that it is time for them to leave and to continue the story sessions during the next vacation. The scene shifts wherein the daughter and grandchild leave the house and the grandmother is alone and sitting by herself feeling lonely. That’s when her phone suddenly rings, and the grandmother’s spirits are instantly uplifted by a surprise video call from her daughter and granddaughter. The joy on the grandmother’s face speaks a million words, and the film effectively captures this heartwarming emotion.

This TVC comes exactly a week after Vi announced the second edition of its ‘Be Someone’s We’ campaign with the launch of the first TVC, right at the start of the ICC T20 World Cup. The first film titled ‘Durga Puja’ highlighted the loneliness experienced by empty nesters during festivals.