McDonald's India - North and East's new TVC features Kartik Aaryan's iconic monologue

McDonald's India - North and East's new TVC features Kartik Aaryan's iconic monologue

The TVC takes fans on a laughter-filled ride as Kartik Aaryan reveals his McDonald's fav meal.


Mumbai: McDonald’s India- North and East, one of India’s most loved restaurant brands, has launched a quirky television commercial featuring its brand ambassador, Kartik Aaryan revealing his favourite McDonald’s meal. The TVC takes the fans on a laughter-filled roller coaster with his signature monologue style in a unique McDonald’s way.

The Kartik Aaryan Meal includes his favourite, go-to menu items from McDonald’s - the classic McAloo Tikki Burger, delicious cheesy fries, ever-so favourite Pizza McPuff with a regular beverage, served as a four-piece meal. To add to the fans’ delight, the 4-pieces meal will be served in a special Kartik Aaryan-themed, QR-code-enabled packaging offering fans an opportunity to take a virtual selfie with their favorite celebrity.

Talking about the launch of the TVC, McDonald’s India – North and East MD Rajeev Ranjan said, “This campaign is all about knowing a little better the ones we like & love and celebrating the feel-good delicious moments and shared laughter at McDonald's. We're proud to unveil and bring Kartik’s favourite go-to McDonald’s meal to our customers and fans and provide a limited-time-opportunity to our customers to eat as their favourite celebrity and youth Icon. We are hopeful of this campaign reigniting our customer’s and fans' love for our food and creating another cultural moment for our brand’s association with youth and the younger generation.”

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the TVC opens in a McDonald's restaurant, where Kartik Aaryan and his friend stand at the counter, greeted by a warm smile at the front counter. Before Kartik can respond, his friend asks about his order. Kartik looks at him a little annoyed and begins to vent about how his friends always ask the most obvious things in every imaginable scenario. Just when he mentions that his best friend doesn't even know his favourite meal, the server smoothly slides a tray in front of Kartik, revealing the "Kartik Aaryan Meal." The TVC ends with Kartik suggesting McDonald's to create a meal named after him so that his friend never forgets it.

“No matter who you are, everyone has a go-to McDonald's order. This truth forms the basis of McDonald’s global platform called ‘Famous Orders’. The new Kartik Aaryan Meal aims to transform a visit to McDonald's into an opportunity for people to connect with their hero, creating a one-of-a-kind cultural experience for youth tastemakers,” said DDB Tribal creative head Iraj Fraz.