"Cultural differences with the west" - episode six of 'The Big Small Talk' with Anuj Sawhney and Manav Subodh

"Cultural differences with the west" - episode six of 'The Big Small Talk' with Anuj Sawhney and Manav Subodh

Exploring how political influences & social stigmas shape cultural perceptions in today's society.

Big Small Talk

Mumbai: After garnering widespread acclaim for their insightful discussions and crossing over 150K plus subscribers on YouTube, The Big Small Talk family proudly presents its latest episode, delving into the pivotal topic of "Cultural Differences with the West." Anuj Sawhney, celebrated for his journey from Bollywood to steering Swiss Military Worldwide, teams up once again with his longtime friend, Manav Subodh, the visionary founder of 1M1B - One Million for One Billion. Together, they embark on a captivating exploration of the complexities surrounding cultural and social stigmas, promising yet another enlightening dialogue for their dedicated audience.

In this compelling episode, Anuj and Manav explore the significance of cultural perceptions in contemporary society, emphasizing how political influences and social stigmas shape our worldview. In their candid and insightful dialogue, Anuj and Manav provide valuable insights into the diverse ways Indians distinguish themselves from western cultures.

The discussion sheds light on the modern dilemma of balancing traditional values with global perspectives, uncovering the underlying tensions and challenges faced by individuals navigating these cultural landscapes. They examine prevalent stereotypes and societal expectations, highlighting the need for a more inclusive and equitable approach to cultural understanding. From the systematic diligence of western societies to the innovative and hospitable spirit of India, this episode offers a rich tapestry of insights into the diverse ways of life that define our global community.

They're joined by a diverse panel of four intriguing influencers, including Angad Singh Narula, a corporate lawyer, superbiker, social influencer, and vlogger; Parita Lalwani, a technology consultant, fitness enthusiast, and hands-on mom; Dilip Ramachandran, a drummer and creative director; and Anuradha Jain, an interior designer and entrepreneur. Together, they promise engaging discussions, practical advice, and a dash of humor as they delve into uniquely Indian practices like jugaad.