Subhash Kamath joins BrandMusiq board of directors

Subhash Kamath joins BrandMusiq board of directors

With 40 years in advertising, Subhash Kamath brings strategic insight to BrandMusiq.

Subhash Kamath

Mumbai: BrandMusiq, the pioneering audio and sonic branding agency in India known for its innovative approach to creating signature sounds for brands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Subhash Kamath to its board of directors consisting of Rajesh Patel, Hari Marar and Safir Anand. With nearly 40 years of experience in the advertising industry and a profound passion for music, Subhash Kamath brings a wealth of strategic insight and creative vision to his new role at BrandMusiq.

Besides being on the Board, Subhash will work closely with founder, Rajeev Raja and co-founder, Ajit Varma to help build and market the BrandMusiq brand across geographies, as well as contribute to the Creativity and Innovation initiatives being set in place to propel BrandMusiq into becoming a leader in the digital environment.

In a rich career spanning 36 years across top agencies like Ogilvy, Trikaya Grey, Bates, Publicis and BBH, Subhash held top leadership positions as well as that of being a CEO for 17 years. Subhash has been instrumental in leading strategic initiatives and driving growth for both Indian and multinational clients. His track record of success includes spearheading mergers and acquisitions for WPP and founding organizations like BBH in India, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader in the industry. Subhash is currently working as an independent brand consultant and a mentor.  

Beyond his illustrious advertising career, Subhash Kamath is also an accomplished musician, having served as the lead singer and guitarist of the band 'Wanted Yesterday' alongside Rajeev Raja, founder of Brand Musiq.

Commenting on Subhash Kamath's appointment, BrandMusiq founder  Rajeev Raja expresses his enthusiasm. "Subhash's extensive experience and deep understanding of the advertising landscape make him an invaluable asset to BrandMusiq. His passion for music and proven track record of strategic leadership align perfectly with our vision of redefining the auditory landscape of branding. I have long admired Subhash's work and am thrilled to welcome him to the BrandMusiq family."

Subhash Kamath, in his statement, said, “I’m a fan of brands. And nothing excites me more than helping take brands into the future. In this fast-paced digital world of consumers, sonic branding is becoming an imperative for brands seeking to create stronger emotional connections. And BrandMusiq has been doing some cutting edge work in this space. Given my love for both brands and music, I’m just delighted to be part of this amazingly talented team.”

Rajeev Raja and Subhash Kamath share a mutual appreciation for each other's work, having known and admired each other's contributions to the advertising and music industry over the years. Their shared vision and commitment to excellence make them a formidable team poised to lead BrandMusiq into its next phase of growth and innovation.

As the first and leading audio and sonic branding agency in India, BrandMusiq remains committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the field of sonic branding. With Subhash Kamath on board, BrandMusiq is well-positioned to continue its mission of creating impactful sonic identities that resonate with audiences worldwide.