Zepto-Simpl’s billBoard banter flirts with #SabseTezKaun

Zepto-Simpl’s billBoard banter flirts with #SabseTezKaun

It targets GenZ with witty billboards and memes referencing Bollywood and stand-up comedy.

Simpl VP

Mumbai: Zepto, a quick commerce service, and Simpl, checkout network, have engaged in a friendly billboard banter with their #SabseTezCampaign to highlight their unique combination of instant checkout and fastest deliveries offered to millions of customers. The billboards, put up at Karol Bagh and Gurgaon- sector 66 in Delhi-NCR, tap into popular meme culture with references to popular Bollywood dialogues and one liners from stand-up comedy such as “Aao kabhi haveli pe” and “Mai kya job chhod doon”.

The billboards are strategically located in high-traffic zones of the city, thereby showcasing humorous banter between the two brands. The campaign aims to highlight the benefits of an online kirana store and a unique khata-like experience online for commuters through Zepto which offers 10-min deliveries via Simpl’s one-tap or instant checkout. The campaign, which was amplified across social media platforms has already garnered over 500,000 impressions online (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) in less than 24 hours.

Commenting on the unique marketing campaign, Zepto chief brand officer Chandan Mendiratta said, “Fast checkouts with Simpl and Fast Delivery with Zepto is truly a match made in heaven. It's a great example of two brands that uphold convenience and speed as their values coming together. It was great to see our tone of voice also matching over and above our values. However, we still can’t agree on #SabseTezKaun!”.

Simpl VP marketing Abhishek Rane said, “As new-age brands, we bring a judicious mix of traditional kirana and khata-like experience online and are highlighting its relevance for today’s customers through our #SabseTezKaun campaign. The speed and convenience that customers get with Zepto and Simpl’s partnership is unparalleled and we are excited to celebrate this with quick-witted billboard ads. By engaging in this playful banter in the physical world and amplifying it in the online world, we are tapping all relevant channels to keep our customers engaged”.  

Zepto partnered with Simpl in January 2022 and has witnessed over 13 million checkouts via Simpl’s instant checkout so far. It recently integrated Zepto Pass with Instant Checkout to enhance user convenience and has been offering great rewards and cashbacks to millions of customers across the country.

With Zepto Pass availed via Simpl, pass users will get up to five per cent cashback on every transaction, unlimited free deliveries, 10 per cent off on fruits and vegetables, 10 per cent off on Zepto Cafe and up to 20 per cent on all other orders. The Khata-like feature allows users to clear all their bills for grocery purchases at once every fortnight.