Dentsu Creative India & Posterscope launch #SCANASWASTIK campaign for Samco Securities

Dentsu Creative India & Posterscope launch #SCANASWASTIK campaign for Samco Securities

Campaign revolutionises Muhurat Trading.


Mumbai: Dentsu Creative, the creative agency, and Posterscope, the OOH agency from dentsu, have partnered to introduce an innovative campaign for Samco Securities, one of India's leading online stockbrokers. The campaign, titled #ScanASwastik, promises to redefine the Muhurat trading experience and change the way people perceive the sacred Swastik symbol.

As Diwali approaches, the tradition of decorating homes with the Swastika symbol is a well-known practice in Hindu households. This symbol represents the promise of good fortune and prosperity, closely intertwined with the much-anticipated Muhurat Trading during Laxmi Pooja. Samco's logo itself resembles a Swastika, making this campaign an ideal platform to embrace and promote this symbol of prosperity, particularly during the auspicious Diwali and Muhurat Trading period.

At the core of this innovative campaign lies an Augmented Reality (AR) filter. When pointed at any Swastika symbol, this filter performs a magical transformation, granting users access to valuable trading tips and insights on stocks to consider during Muhurat Trading. Additionally, it displays a unique message, offering motivation and guidance for individuals in their trading decisions during this auspicious period. The AR filter's goal is to streamline Muhurat Trading for all by providing instant, expert guidance, empowering people to make well-informed trading decisions effortlessly with Samco.

To raise awareness about the significance of Muhurat Trading and shed light on the hidden aspects that revolve around it, Dentsu Creative India has also crafted a captivating digital film. Through this film, the brand encourages individuals to delve deeper into their understanding of Muhurat Trading, prompting a thoughtful discussion about this crucial financial tradition.


Samco Securities CGO Ajay Dusane said, "We are excited to introduce our Muhurat Trading campaign for Diwali, blending tradition and innovation. Our Web AR filter will make this festive season unforgettable. With a Swastika-inspired campaign, an important element of our brand logo, our AR filter simplifies trading for all, offering expert guidance. We are addressing the need for guidance in Muhurat Trading, using the Swastik to simplify and enhance the experience for our users' wealth creation journey.”

Posterscope India managing director Imtiyaz Vilatra commented, “We have teamed up with Dentsu Creative to bring a revolutionary idea for Samco Securities, using technology to amplify the significance of Muhurat trading. Our innovation, linking the Swastik with Samco, showcases the timeless tradition of auspicious Mahurat trading moments. Together, we celebrate the spirit of prosperity.”

Dentsu Creative India executive creative director Giamaria Fernandes and Posterscope India creative director Hassnain Kurreshi added, “Emphasizing the significance of Samco's logo, which resembles a Swastik, we recognized a unique opportunity to embrace this symbol of prosperity. Particularly with Diwali and Muhurat Trading approaching, we conceived the idea of an augmented reality (AR) filter. This AR filter allows users to scan any Swastik and gain access to valuable Muhurat Trading insights, eliminating the need to seek advice from others. In doing so, it simplifies the process of prospering with Samco, providing traders and others with convenience and empowerment during this auspicious time.”