ARTH launches 'World Peace is Out of stock' campaign on Humans Rights Day

ARTH launches 'World Peace is Out of stock' campaign on Humans Rights Day

ARTH highlights three stories of women nano business owners that represent equality.


Mumbai: ARTH, an inclusive MSME Fintech start up launched an OOH and social media campaign 'World Peace is Out of stock' on Humans Rights Day. Through a unique campaign hashtag #ReStockWorldPeace, ARTH, a brand that is firmly committed to improving the lives of the marginalized and underrepresented communities in India, aimed to increase awareness of the importance of preserving world peace. ARTH also held a music event and a candle-lighting ceremony to raise awareness in youth about the importance of the values of freedom, equality and justice for one and all.

The 'World Peace is Out of stock' campaign shows a standard e-commerce storefront with the product 'World Peace' listed as 'Out of Stock.' This suggests that even in this hyper-consumerism era, where practically anything can be easily purchased, world peace is still an object that is out of sight and out of reach. The campaign creative's optical play, which depicts an e-commerce site with the white dove—a symbol of peace—out of stock, also represents how consumerism—driven by social media, e-commerce, and other platforms—is diverting attention from problems that affect humanity as a whole.

At the core of this campaign, ARTH highlights three stories of women nano business owners that represent equality, freedom and justice. These women are customers of ARTH.

In stories that echo resilience, determination, and unwavering strength, Manju, Pinky, and Ganga Devi epitomize the spirit of women carving their paths in India. Manju, a single parent in Ayodhya, transformed her life by seizing the opportunity provided by Arth, establishing a thriving tailoring shop and securing additional support through the widow pension scheme. Pinky defied societal norms in Dharuheda, excelling as the owner of a fitness center with the backing of Arth, bouncing back from pandemic setbacks to expand her business. Meanwhile, Ganga Devi from Pragati Puram exhibited her entrepreneurial spirit, pivoting her tiffin service to mask and hygiene kit production during challenging times, showcasing her freedom to pursue her dreams and support her family.

Manju's resilience speaks volumes about justice for widows, Pinky's unconventional career choice challenges societal norms, symbolizing equality, and Ganga Devi's freedom to choose her path and support her community mirrors the aspirations of countless women across India striving for autonomy and empowerment.

Speaking on the campaign, ARTH founder Shweta Aprameya said,"Amidst the frenzy of consumption, let us not forget that the most essential 'product'—world peace—cannot be bought or sold. The campaign for us symbolises the fact that every individual counts and can make a difference in society.