Omnicom Media Group launches the OMNI Auto ROI Vault for optimised investment planning

Omnicom Media Group launches the OMNI Auto ROI Vault for optimised investment planning

OMNI is Omnicom Group's people-based precision marketing and insights platform.


Mumbai: Omnicom Media Group (OMG) India has launched the OMNI Auto ROI Vault, a market-leading and powerful repository spanning 500+ econometric models built on Omnicom Media Group's extensive ROI-based approach and industry-leading work with automobile clients in India and around the world.

OMNI is Omnicom Group's people-based precision marketing and insights platform, developed to uncover and define tailored consumer experiences at scale across creative, media, CRM, and other Omnicom practise areas. With the launch of the Auto ROI Vault, OMNI now allows for the ability to precisely curate investment planning and channel plans for both short-term and long-term payoffs for auto brands. Teams at Omnicom Media Group's agencies - OMD and PHD - can calibrate and optimise investment plans and effective budget allocation based on the revenue potential of media spends.

As part of the agency's focus on the impact of media spending on revenue, and thus long-term business growth, the Auto ROI Vault enables global automotive players to make nuanced decisions—a step above many traditional industry frameworks, and one that shines a light on unlocking true revenue potential and sustainable growth. Omnicom Media Group continues to prioritise data-driven attribution, and the auto category is just the beginning. More categories are on the way in the near future.

OMG manages over 34 per cent of the Indian auto industry's media mandate, owing to its dominant market share in the auto category.

In a market that is constantly changing, combined with increased competition, marketers must now analyse metrics such as lead generation, conversion, sales, and more. Businesses must adapt and evolve, as well as be able to precisely adjust media budgets, to enable a rigorous marketing strategy focused on the big picture -  revenue. Traditional methods of estimating and setting media budgets, such as using a combination of share of market/share of voice ratios or advertising to sales ratios, can be difficult to obtain an accurate picture of the impact of marketing efforts on business functions such as customer service, sales, and overall revenue impact, which is where the ROI Vault comes in.

Featuring a collection of 500+ models curated specifically for auto OEMs across 20+ markets, with India being one of the key emerging markets featured in it, the OMNI Auto ROI vault empowers clients to reach the desired revenue objective by allocating budget wisely across various channels, benchmarking categories to measure the performance, and predicting models for future sales and revenue – thereby enabling them to focus on the eventual business generated and not just interim media variables.

Omnicom Media Group India CEO Kartik Sharma said, "OMG’s data-led approach delivers on our ambitions of exceeding the needs of our clients, being their most trusted partner on their journey of transformation, and being able to uncover business-led insights with a tangible impact on revenue growth. With the OMNI Auto ROI Vault’s marketing orchestration capabilities, we are primed to help brands see the effectiveness of media planning as a long-term investment rather than approaching it as yet another cost incurred. With it in our arsenal, we are uniquely positioned to focus on revenue-driven Omnicom Media Group - India | company confidential outcomes for our clients and further deliver on our promise of our transparent and client-centric approach to brand building."