Digital advertising dips by 13 per cent: TAM AdEx Digital Advertising

Digital advertising dips by 13 per cent: TAM AdEx Digital Advertising

The quarterly report by TAM is from the period July – September’ 22.


Mumbai: TAM AdEx has released its quarterly report on Digital Advertising from July – September’ 22. The report says that a continuous descent was witnessed in digital ad insertions during Apr-Jun’22 and Jul-sep’22 compared to Jan-Mar’22. Digital saw a drop of 13 per cent in ad insertion during Jul-Sep’22 over Jan-Mar’22.

When it comes to sectors, during the Jul-Sep’22, the services sector had a 44 per cent share of ad Insertions, followed by education with 13 per cent share. Personal accessories and telecom products were the new entrants in Top 10 sectors’ list; the auto sector and banking/finance/investment sector observed a positive rank shift.

In terms of the leading categories, five out of the top 10 categories were from the services sector. The e-commerce - online shopping category topped with 7 per cent share in ad insertions during Jul-Sep’22.

Software climbed to 2nd place in Jul-Sep'22, a significant jump from Apr-Jun'22. Noting the leading advertisers, Amazon Online India maintained the first position in Jul-Sep’22 over Apr-Jun'22. The top 10 advertisers contributed to 17 per cent share of digital ad insertions.

Talking about the primary brands, was the most popular digital brand in Jul-Sep’22, followed by Grammarly Keyboard.  The top 10 brands contributed to 13 per cent share of digital ad insertions. During Jul-Sep’22, there were a total of 57K+ brands present on digital.

Amongst the top growing categories, social advertisements by the government had the biggest rise in ad insertions among the growing categories, followed by cellular phones-smart phones during Jul-Sep'22 compared to Apr-Jun'22. In terms of growth percentage, the corporate-durables category witnessed the highest growth percentage among the top 10 i.e. 15.7 times. More than 270 categories registered a positive growth.

About the leading advertisers and brands, 23K+ advertisers and 29K+ brands exclusively advertised during Jul-Sep’22 compared to Apr-Jun’22. In comparison to Apr-Jun’22, Boxinternet ranked first among the exclusive advertisers and brands in Jul-Sep’22.

In terms of the leading web publishers, YouTube alone had 26 per cent share of ad insertions. Excluding YouTube, was the leading publisher with regard to ad insertions during Jul-Sep’22.

Discussing the leading digital platforms and transaction methods for digital advertising, desktop display topped with 41 per cent share of digital ad insertions during Jul-Sep’22 followed by mobile display with 29 per cent share. Ad network was the most popular method for promoting ads on digital platforms accounting for 51 per cent of total ad insertions, followed by programmatic method with 29 per cent share in Jul-Sep’22.

Amongst the creative types on digital, HTML5 ads grabbed the highest number of insertions (44 per cent) followed by banner ads with 31 per cent share. Video followed in third position with 25 per cent share in Jul-Sep’22.