Top marketers speak on working with Titus Upputuru and TTUC on its first anniversary

Top marketers speak on working with Titus Upputuru and TTUC on its first anniversary

Top industry leaders congratulate the company on its first year.


Mumbai: The Titus Upputuru Company (TTUC), which was set up as a ‘pro-agency’ last year, finished a successful year, with several highly memorable campaigns.

Some of the more notable work that the company has produced over the year includes ‘Gutli’ for Greenlam Industries, Catch Masala’s heart rending Mothers Day’s film, PVR INOX’s humorous ‘Fresh Dekho, Bada Dekho’ campaign, Fenesta Windows’ ‘Bees Saal, Tumhara Khayal’ anniversary film,  PVR’s horror-filled The Insidious Dare and DS Group’s powerful belief statement ‘Jo bhi karo dil se karo’.

As a testimony to the successful year, top marketers of the country have expressed their thoughts of working with the C\company. Excerpts below:

DS Group senior vice president - corporate marketing Rajeev Jain:

"In the crucible of entrepreneurship, a year becomes the forge for dreams to take shape and passions to ignite. As The Titus Upputuru Company celebrates this remarkable milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being our extraordinary partner. Titus’s unwavering commitment and boundless passion is deeply appreciated. His innate ability to comprehend our essence and deliver precisely what's required has been nothing short of commendable. His zeal to add value has transformed challenges into opportunities, propelling us towards greater heights. As the company ventures into another year of limitless possibilities, we wish Titus all the success and fulfilment that his exceptional journey deserves. Onwards, together!"

Former SpiceJet chief operating officer, Vistara chief strategy and commercial officer, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts president, Jet Airways CEO-designate Sanjiv Kapoor:

"I have worked with Titus since my SpiceJet days almost a decade ago, when he was the brain behind the much-loved “With All Our Heart” campaign that went a long way in reviving the brand’s image at the time. I have seen Titus’ work stand out over the years, and have always sought him out in various ad campaigns and pitches. Titus also worked with me on certain airline livery concepts more recently, and his work stood out as classy and understated.  The same class and understatement was powerful demonstrated in the “The Joy Is Back” campaign Titus masterminded for Jet Airways for the team working on its revival.  Congratulations Titus on the first anniversary of your new outfit, and here’s to many more campaigns together!

DC Sriram Group chief marketing officer - Fenesta Windows Susmita Nag:

“I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible experience of working with Titus on Fenesta's 20-year brand film. His passion and enthusiasm and attention to detail.... from script to launch was quite a pleasant experience especially since its very rare these days. I am confident he will keep up the good work and wish him all the best for all his future projects!”

PVR INOX Limited co-CEO Gautam Dutta:

“Taking this moment to thank and appreciate Titus Upputuru Company for their contributions towards PVR INOX’s “Fresh Dekho Bada Dekho" campaign, where the Company played a key role in crafting the two films. What stands out is Titus's way of making messages feel real and relatable. This helps bring the brands closer to people's hearts. With 25 years of experience, Titus's expertise shines through. On this milestone, we want to express our gratitude and look forward to more great collaborations with Titus Upputuru Company. Cheers to his creativity and dedication! Happy 1st year anniversary, The Titus Upputuru Company!”

Speaking on the occasion, The Titus Upputuru Company founder and chief creative officer Titus Upputuru said, “It’s been a good year and I am really grateful to God! Video is something that we are passionate about and I am glad we got several opportunities to do varied forms of storytelling, from highly emotional to humour to horror. We hope we have added value to the brands and the companies we have partnered! I am thankful to everyone who cheered us along and worked tirelessly to produce some memorable work. A special note of thanks also to all the partners in companies and agencies who have trusted us with the briefs and the scripts. In one year, you barely learn to walk. But we have seen that if we have the faith, we can actually begin to fly!”