Shikhar Dhawan, Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree star in Pedigree’s digital campaign by Jack in The Box

Shikhar Dhawan, Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree star in Pedigree’s digital campaign by Jack in The Box

The challenge encourages users to first sample, then buy a six week supply of Pedigree Dry Food.

Mumbai: Jack in The Box Worldwide, along with MARS Petcare, a pet food company, has launched a digital campaign for Pedigree India called the #Pedigree6WeekChallenge. It promises a visible difference in dogs' digestive system, skin and coat, muscles, bones, and natural defence within six weeks of consuming Pedigree as compared to feeding home-cooked food. Devising an Influencer activation starring Shikhar Dhawan, Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree grooving to a catchy, specially produced rap song, the challenge encourages users to first sample, then buy a six-week supply of Pedigree Dry Food, all while reengaging with customers through a seamless WhatsApp-focused campaign. The customers also stand a chance to win a two day ‘staycation’ at Taj with their pets upon entering their details to sample the pet food.

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MARS International India Ltd. managing director petcare Salil Murthy said, “At MARS Petcare, we are always aiming to set the highest food standards and spread advocacy for nutritionally balanced diets for pets. We are committed to using high-quality ingredients that make your pets healthier and fitter for a happier living. With the #Pedigree6WeekChallenge, we are confident that pet parents will see the difference a balanced diet makes to their dogs and start preferring this alternative which is also time-convenient and cost-friendly.”

Jack in The Box Worldwide managing partner Axon Alex said, “The six week challenge was a great collaborative exercise with the team at Mars Petcare. This collaboration allowed us to flex our muscles both from a creative and UX standpoint. The rap song we conceptualized was to allow influencers to have genuine fun with their dogs instead of reading from a script. This combined with building the WhatsApp journey allowed us to interact with the audience through their entire journey from awareness to post-purchase which was unique and exciting.”

The #Pedigree6WeekChallenge brings together the elite names with 100 nano influencers grooving to the rap song that is informative as it is entertaining. Through the messaging, customers are made aware of their chance to win a two day vacation at Taj with their pets. They are then redirected to sample the product by entering contact details on the website, helping push communications through WhatsApp.

The brand engages with these potential customers through weekly updates and information that helps track pet health. They are also encouraged to share images of the progress through six weeks,thus solidifying the promise and creating an authentic bank of user-generated content.

The #Pedigree6WeekChallenge is currently live and can be visited here.