Regionally & globally, India is an essential market, says OMD APAC CEO Stephen Li

Regionally & globally, India is an essential market, says OMD APAC CEO Stephen Li

Madhukar Kamath

MUMBAI: In order to scale up its operations in India, Omnicom Media Group-owned agency OMD has entered in a partnership with DDB Mudra Group in India and brought a third brand titled ‘OMD MudraMax’ as an offering, by consolidating its media services business.

The collaboration entails the rebranding of the existing media business of DDB -- TV, print, radio, and cinema & digital -- as OMD MudraMax. The consolidation of DDB MudraMax and OMD is effective since November 17.

“This enables MudraMax to access the OMD Global Network for learning, development projects, strategic tools etc. It is a win-win and mutually beneficial collaboration for both, the Omnicom Media Group and the DDB Mudra Group. We have been working together over the last few months,” explained DDB Mudra Group Group CEO & managing director Madhukar Kamath.

The new entity will function as an additional local brand in the OMD network with access to the network efficiency, learning and tools such as VISION (live operating system designed to drive business growth not just media results) of the OMD global network.

“Both, regionally and globally – India is an essential market in every sense of that word, and one which is continuing to evolve and grow speedily. This partnership with DDB MudraMax will both add to our scale and further strengthen our presence,” shared OMD APAC CEO Stephen Li.

Under the consolidation, OMD MudraMax will be headed by DDB Mudra Group executive director and DDB MudraMax president Sathyamurthy N P.

“Apart from continuing to be being an integral part of the DDB Mudra Group and a key member of the Group Operating Board, Sathyamurthy Namakkal will now work closely with (Omnicom Media Group SEA and India CEO) Jasmin Sohrabji and be a part of her executive council too. I will give a lot of credit to Jasmin who saw great merit in this collaboration and worked hard to make OMD MudraMax happen,” Kamath shared.

About servicing existing clients, Kamath assured that there will be no change in any of the operations as all three brands will function independently. “In DDB MudraMax, most of the key clients were briefed about this development by Sathyamurthy Namakkal. Given the value adds that accrue to them, our clients are looking forward to the roll-out and success of the enhanced offering,” he added.

“DDB Mudra being a part of the Omnicom family is aligned to OMD’s culture which makes for a seamless transition,” Sohrabji said.