Zeus Maia Media unveils its new identity and expansion plan

Zeus Maia Media unveils its new identity and expansion plan

Relier Media changes its name to Zeus Maia Media

Zeus Maia Media

Mumbai: Zeus Maia Media, formerly known as Relier Media, announces its ambitious rebranding and expansion plans. With a rich legacy spanning over a decade in both Indian and global markets, the agency is poised to unveil a new identity as Zeus Maia Media, symbolizing its evolution and commitment to excellence. This transformation marks a significant milestone for the company, signifying its dedication to delivering unparalleled performance marketing solutions to clients worldwide. By merging the strengths of Relier Media with Zeus Maia Media, the agency aims to solidify its position as a best-in-class performance marketing agency, leveraging design excellence, AI technology, and cross-channel expertise to drive innovation and deliver superior results.

The rebranding to Zeus Maia Media signifies a strategic move to further expand the agency's global footprint and capitalize on emerging opportunities in markets like Dubai and Singapore. Zeus Maia Media is poised to redefine industry standards by offering clients unparalleled value through its integrated approach and commitment to driving ROI. With a focus on innovation and strategic growth, Zeus Maia Media is set to continue its legacy as a leading force in the ever-evolving landscape of performance marketing.

Anoushka Adya who is set to lead Zeus Maia Media as its CEO said, “We are deeply passionate about leveraging technology to empower our clients in navigating dynamic market landscapes and realizing their growth aspirations. In today's marketing landscape, success hinges on outcome-driven strategies, grounded in audience-centric planning and AI-driven performance metrics. At Zeus Maia Media, alongside our agency partners, we are pioneering a tech-enabled future that prioritizes accountability to our client’s growth objectives and fosters an advertising ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. Our relentless commitment.”

Designed to power client growth globally with an agile response to a rapidly evolving media landscape, Zeus Maia Media infuses the digital and data-driven DNA with scaled multichannel, audience planning and strategic media expertise. With this, brands will be able to leverage an expanded global organization designed exclusively to fuel growth.

Established in 2014, Zeus Maia Media, formerly known as Relier Media has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned industry leaders such as Audi, Rolls Royce, Amazon, Emami Healthy and Tasty Oil, Lodha Group, Essel Group, Tata Communications, Everest, SBI Mutual Funds, Times of India, and more. They currently have their offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai.