WPP to host second series of CX India in partnership with Adobe

WPP to host second series of CX India in partnership with Adobe

It will be discussing a human-centred design approach.


NEW DELHI: WPP is all set to host the second session of its CX series, to be held on 26 November 2020, in partnership with Adobe. Recognising the importance of CX in today’s day and age, the session will discuss a human-centred design approach and design thinking methodologies, with design, experience and technology experts sharing their thoughts on how to reframe CX strategies in an agile landscape. A previous session featuring Kantar had focused on Indian brands which had the experience advantage, including those within media, telecom, digital devices and digital services categories.

The key speakers for the session will include VMLY&R global lead -- human-centred design and CX executive director Jason Gaikowski, VMLY&R co-CEO Asia Tripti Lochan, Adobe India head of solutions consulting Ayshak Venugopalan, and Licious chief business officer Meghna Apparao. 

CVL Srinivas, country manager - India for WPP said, “The customer journey has become more complex than ever. Traditional avenues of reaching consumers are now being replaced by virtual touchpoints. Technology has created opportunities for brands to create unique, compelling and even personal customer experiences. With the right mix and strong design approach, brands can differentiate themselves from the competition and continue to interact and stay connected with their consumers.”

Jason Gaikowski said, “Covid2019 has essentially pulled technology adoption forward by a decade. While this has had an obvious impact to more mature technologies involving data, commerce, and contactless services, it’s had an even stronger impact to emerging tech; particularly in the AR/VR and game-world space. With these technologies, brands have the opportunity to replace and enhance the experiences that otherwise relied on place and space. With so much of society; work, school, medicine; moving online, it’s an amazing opportunity to redesign what we experience in these digital places and spaces.”              

Tripti Lochan said, “India has incredible opportunities for CX thinking and innovation. It's a space in which most leading brands are now looking to invest, and those who aren't need to get there quickly. Great CX is about connecting a brand to its consumers on an emotional level, across devices, platforms and mediums. Consumers today live in a connected world, and brands need to keep up.”

“The CX race is to earn your customers trust and loyalty. This means you must understand them better than anyone else, and deliver exactly what they want when they need it. It's easier said than done. Businesses need to re-architect their systems around the customer, which changes the way they operate. Failing to realise this, there goes your competitive advantage,” added Vyshak Venungopalan.